Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Two and a Half Men

This is another show I just love. Did you watch it last night? Rose moved away to London! What's Charlie gonna do now? Ok, so anyways.... there is this one part of the show that is just my absolute favorite. After the show is over and they show the credits, there is a whole screen shot that is full of words. Have you ever read that? OMG, it is so hilarious. It's alike an Easter Egg from the show. If you have DVR, pause it when that screen shows up. You will not be disappointed. Last night it talked about how the writers wanted to put in a final funny line for one of the actors, but the show censors took it out of the show, but they told what it was in that little blurb at the end. I don't know who writes that stuff, but they should have a blog. haha I think even cranky Joe would like it.


mydogstinks2 said...

They did that at the end of Dharma and Greg too!! I alwas wanted to read what they said! We are getting DVR with or dish so I'm gonna make sure I check it out

Julie said...

Really? I'll tune in. Kevin watches that show :)

Julie said...

Ok- on your recommendation, I watched the last episode. You're right...it IS hilarious! The commentary at the end is hilarious!!