Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Some things never change

John and I cleaned out the garage this weekend. Well, not totally cleaned out, but we whittled down the pile of junk in there. I am determined to get my car in there. We made a pile of stuff to give away. I took pictures and put the stuff on craigslist. Amazing thing, craigslist. Anywho.....
As we were cleaning out boxes and stuff, I found the box with all my scrapbooking pictures. How did that get down in the garage? I don't know, but it did. In that box, was the book that my parents kept of me and my school stuff. It's just a comb-bound book with envelopes inside that you can put school pictures and report cards. It's fun to look back on how I used to look.
This is my Kindergarten picture. I was six. I am a December baby, so I started school a year later than most kids. I remember this vest, too. It was fuzzy and I loved the pin on it. I felt so grown up. So I share my kindergarten picture with you. BTW, my teacher's name was Ann Flynn and I loved her so much! I just remember her being so kind and loveable and wonderful. Many teachers have made an impact on me, but I digress.
Here is my kindergarten report card. Click to make it bigger. Interesting now to see what Mrs. Flynn reported as my strengths. I still believe those are my strengths today. Of note, check out #4 on the list: does well with art materials. Do you think I loved coloring as much then as I do now? I think I did. I've always loved coloring.
Ok, now about the major concerns. Why does it have to say MAJOR concerns? Can't it just say CONCERNS? Anyways, I've always had a tough time controlling my feelings. My dad used to say I wore my feelings on my shirt sleeve and I agree. My feelings are hurt easily even though I don't admit it, to anyone or myself. Cannot accept criticism? I have matured in this area, thank god. At least I don't cry when someone says anything critical about me or what I do.
Ok, so now you have a peek into the real me. I'm a real blonde, my eyes are blue and I still wear funky glasses. How about you? How about a peek into your kindergarten picture and maybe even share your report card?

Friday, January 02, 2009

Paper Craft Planet Sketch

You must be wondering how I've been able to make so many cards in the past few days, huh? I've had this past week off from work, that's how. Oh, I've done a few things other than make art, but mostly just made art. It is my week OFF, after all! Over on Paper Craft Planet, they had a sketch that looked fairly intriguing. I thought, "ok, I'll just knock this one out right quick". Ok, yeah, right. It's taken me hours and I didn't even have to color anything. I colored the image earlier in the week when I just felt like coloring images for a day. The heart image and the Love and Hate image are from Bombshell Stamps. I got the lyrics from "Burnin' Love" from the internet. So yeah, I colored the heart image with my Prismacolor pencils. The Love & Hate sentiment is embossed with black powder. Both the heart and the sentiment banner are pop-dotted. Here's a little close-up of the heart. I'm showing you this because I just love this image. I would've colored it with my Copics, but there are some really small places and I can get better detail with the pencils than with the Copics. When I see this image, I envision jewelry. It would be so cool to have a pin like this. Oooh, maybe I'll make one out of felted wool. Another project, another day. This is the left hand side of the card. I really wanted to use my black paper with the shiny pink lips on it but couldn't figure out what to put on top of it. Finally came up with this teal lace. It needed something else and so I brought in a bit more of the white from the card from the lyrics area and used a narrow white ribbon to weave through the lace. I can't say it's my favorite look, but it did ok for the card. One other thing that was fun, was making this card 4x9. It fits into a regular business envelope. Thanks for stopping by today. Go check out Paper Craft Planet!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Cuttlebug Challenge #12

Hi again. It's me.

I was going through my blog feeds and I saw that Teresa updated her blog recently and made this really cute card. She posted a card that she made for the Cuttlebug Challenge site. The challenge is to emboss your cardstock and then sand it.

I used some of my Black Magic cardstock for the background on this card. It was such a muted color, that I used some soft pink/mauve cardstock and colors. The colors don't match in the picture but they do in real life. Really they do. I used Odd Bird Planet stamps this time. I used the Birdie Cake and the Happy Birthday sentiment. It's a quick and easy card to make.

Caardvarks sketch challenge

Hi there!

Did you know there is a sketch challenge over on the Caardvarks site? It's a really cool one and the winner of this sketch challenge wins a prize! Yep, a prize!!

Go see it - it's very cool. You have until January 17th to get your card entered in the contest.

For my card for the challenge, I used Bombshell Stamps. As soon as I saw the sketch, I knew what stamps I wanted to use, but I didn't know what colors I wanted, so I started digging through my folders of paper and found this older kit I hadn't ravaged yet. This is how I choose the colors I want to color my images most times. If I do it the other way around, I have a hard time matching my colored images to paper I have. I colored these images with my Prismacolor pencils. The colors I used are listed in the next picture.

Head on over to Caardvarks and check out the sketch and submit your card, too. The more, the merrier!
Thanks for stopping by today. Hope you had a fun and safe New Years.