Friday, February 09, 2007

Something I forgot

I guess I forgot to turn in my non-card project to Johanna for January. I knew I made these, but I couldn't find them. If you saw my craft room, you'd know WHY I couldn't find them. What a mess! Anyways, these are earrings. They are made from little squares of Stampbord. I love that stuff. The Stampbord is amazingly light. I stamped the bird on the Stampbord and then colored with pencils. I need to learn to let the ink dry longer before I start coloring. I'm just impatient. Instant gratification. I'm a Sagittarian, what can I say? So when I found them, I added some micro beads to the edge. I saw a card at Cat's that she did that, so I added the beads later on. You wouldn't know that, but I just wanted to say that. Oh, and guess what? My Crop-a-dile cut the holes in the Stampbord like a hot knife through butter. Amazing.

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m i c h e l l e said...

These are SO cute Debbie!! Great colors!