Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sleeping Cats

I'm crafting, and I look around this 8x10 room full of paper, stamps, inks and books and I see all three of my kitties in some arrangement of sleep. This is Cheeto. He's the largest of all the cats. He's about 8 years old now. He doesn't realize he is an 18 lb cat trying to smoosh himself into a 10 lb box. He is perfectly happy there. As a matter of fact, if I turn down the tv, I can hear him snoring. Cheeto is the self-proclaimed King of the Kitties, and he often bullies Frankie and Gizmo. To humans, he is a sweet, friendly and loving cat, who loves it sit in your lap and be petted. I have a special place in my heart for orange striped kitties. They just have a certain type of personality that I love. Kind of sassy. This next cutie is Frankie. She's the only girl and she is the tiniest cat we have ever owned. She only weighs about 8 lbs soaking wet. She relates mostly to Cheeto because when she came into our household, Cheeto was the only cat we owned. She is often straddled with the following monikers: Franklin, Frantic Frankie, Frankenstein and Girly Girl. She is a sweetie pie, but she doesn't like to be held at all. We got her from a woman who had 5 boys under the age of 10, and they chased the litter of cats all over their property. No wonder she is skittish! Frankie and I play musical chairs all night in the craft room. She sleeps on the chair at the computer desk, but when I leave the chair at the craft table to check email or a website, she is shooed off that chair and just moves to the craft chair. We go back and forth like that all night. You'd think she'd just go someplace else, huh? Last, but not least, is Gizmo. Gizmo is a purebred Bengal. He belonged to my son, Tony, but when he moved out, I got to keep the Giz. He is used to being an only cat, so he tends to keep to himself. He loves to sleep in this kitty bed. Another example of trying to put an 18 lb cat in a too-small container, but he's happy in there, so who am I to care? Gizmo follows me all over the place during his waking hours. So that's the scoop on the kitties today. No cards to blog. I've been working on my samples for Johanna tonight, but I can't post them. I really should clean this craft room because I can't find anything, but it's much more fun making a mess an listening to Cheeto snore.


Suzi said...

LOVE the cats. Aren't they just crazy!! I need to post a pic of my orange stripe cat (he's butterscotch actually, LOL) I love your guys' names!!

Ethel Amutan said...

Another cat person here! Cheetoh is just like my Casper. Have box...will use as bed, thank you very much! Your kitties sound like sweethearts!

hutch ink designs... said...

Your kitties are way to cute! I just love my kitties too! I have a Siamese- Jinkers and a tabby cat- Nala.

I will be working on my Just Johanna cards today too! I just got my stamps yesterday in the mail!


Thanh said...

Your kitties made me squee Debbie! I never squee over cats. So adorable, especially that Cheeto trying to be all squishy.