Friday, June 30, 2006

Today is POET'S day...

as my Dad would say... It stands for Piss On Everything, Tomorrow's Saturday. I just realized I didn't post yesterday. Awww, and you probably missed me. Not. It's just about cool enough for me to go outside and pick more blackberries. Yep, too hot to do it during daylight hours! I think it's still around 85-ish but that's cool enough to venture out of the A/C. I'm off work until Wednesday next week. YAHOO!!!!! I can get a lot of crafting done in 4 days. I'm stopping by the Cupboard tomorrow to pick up my order of paper. SSShhhh, don't tell John. He thinks I have enough paper. He has no idea.... TTFN, sports fans.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Animal crackers

I feel like I need to put a picture in today. Lemme find a good one. That's a cute little meerkat at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. I love those little guys. I've been to the WAP so many times, I just can't take too many pictures anymore, so I've decided unless it's a new baby, that I will only take pictures of animal's butts. Here's one I like: I think it would be cool to have some scrapbook pages with just animal butts. Hey, we all take pics of their faces, but how many people take their butt views? See? I thought so! Not a bad day altogether. Even though we had to re-purchase the flooring. When Home Depot cut it, it was cut too short, so we just bought new stuff today. It will be installed tomorrow. Or so I've been promised. I really do hope it gets done tomorrow so I can get back into the craft room and start stamping again. I'm going through withdrawal. I think I'll go downstairs and read my new magazine from PaperCrafts. It's one about scrapbooking. Oh, and I'll do more reading of my new Vamp Stamp News. The new edition is all about watercolors! How cool is that?! See ya!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Up and down and then back Up again

Today started out just fine. I had the carpet guy scheduled to come, the handyman and the appliance repair guy all scheduled today. That's the up part. Then the carpet guy calls and says he can't make it. (I won't go into details.) I'm so frustrated with people cancelling appointments and whatnot. I started thinking about Dad and as a handyman, he NEVER would've committed to doing a job he couldn't finish or didn't know how to do. I've got people that agree to do a job and then say they can't do all parts of it. So anyhow, I start thinking about Dad and I start to miss him soooo much. I wanted him here so I could tell him what was going on, could he help me out with this and that, could he be there to check on the guys, etc., but Dad's not here. Won't ever be again. Crying spell lasted a long time but it felt good to cry. That's the down part. For the UP part again... I decided to stay home from the ballgame tonight because I was just tuckered out. My back was aching so bad and I was just tired from all the stress. John went by himself. I stayed home and crafted. I finally got to get to my craft table and do something crafty! I didn't realize how good I feel when I'm crafting. I got 2 swaps done. I'm slowly getting them done and I am not signing up for more right now. Yay for me! I think I've got a really cool non-card item to submit for my justjohanna stuff for July. I can't wait to try it. No matter how much you bug me, I won't tell what it is. Not even if you taunt me with glitter or rhinestones or even PAPER, will I tell, so don't even try! Oh, and I picked more blackberries today. :)

Monday, June 26, 2006

Sacrilege or humor - you be the judge

Ok, so by now you know we are selling our house. Someone on the PCMB also is selling her house and she mentioned that she was going to bury a statue of St. Joseph in the backyard. If you don't know this "tradition", here is an excerpt from a website:
The St. Joseph Statue Tradition Divine Assistance When Selling Your Home The Origins of the Tradtion: The practice of burying a St. Joseph statue is said to have started with Sister Theresa of Avila. When they needed new land on which to build their churches, Sister Theresa encouraged the nuns to pray to St. Joseph and bury medals, depicting St. Joseph, to demonstrate their devotion. This tradition evolved over many years and is still practiced today in the form of St Joseph statues.
You can buy these statues at a kit online or you can go to your local Christian bookstore and buy one. They KNOW what you are doing with this when you buy it. Ok, that being said, you are supposed to take the statue of St. Joseph and bury him in your back yard, face down, head pointed towards the front door. This is supposed to make your house sell quicker. Oh, and when your house DOES sell and you move into your NEW house, you are supposed to display this statue (after digging it up, of course) in a place of prominence in your new home. Well, I don't happen to believe in this, but maybe I could modify it a bit. Maybe if I buy a bottle of St. Joseph's aspirin and bury that in the yard, face down, bottle opening towards the front door, I can accomplish the same thing. Or do you think it's ok to buy a statue of St. Joseph on eBay? Your opinion??

Sunday, June 25, 2006


Our blackberry bush is just bustin' out with the berries this year. I can't believe it. I planted it 2 years ago from just a cutting. Last year we got maybe a handful of berries, but this year.... oh my! I pick about a cereal bowlful every day. I can't eat them that fast, so I'm freezing them. They'll be good in smoothies and stuff later in the summer. Plus, they'll be yummy to eat when frozen. How refreshing is that? Went to Debbie B's scrapbook garage sale. She and about 5 of her friends sell all their extra rubber stamps, paper, cardstock, you name it. I got some awesome stamps and lots of cardstock. After that, Pam and I went to Michael's cuz we had 40% off coupons and he hadda use them! I bought a 8x8 scrapbook to do my school pictures. I got some matching Studio K (K&Company) paper to go inside. I think it will be fine. I keep changing my mind on what colors I want, so I just chose one today and that's it. No more changing my mind. I'm scrapping my K-12 pictures and stuff. My Mom saved all that stuff in a little pocket album thingy but I wanted something else. Finished up a few projects around here that needed to be done before the floors get done tomorrow. Tuesday the handyman comes back to finish the shower. After that, we just have to paint the doors and the mouldings and WE ARE DONE and ready to list. I can't believe how much work this is. I don't think I want to do it ever again. Today I found the missing jj card I made for June submissions. Oh well, I guess I can submit it for next time. I am so excited about something along the jj line, but I can't tell you right now. It's very cool and I am just so tickled about it. I'll tell in due time...

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Saturday is one day closer to Monday

Weekends used to be relaxing but these days, they suck. 8am the newest plumber came. This is the 3rd type of plumber we've had to call for that stupid shower downstairs. The 1st one was a handyman who told me he could install it, no problem. Then he says he can't do the shower valve stuff or the new pea-trap in the shower pan cuz his license doesn't cover that. I can appreciate that, so I called plumber #2 which we had called before when we had a leak in the upstairs bathroom. He could do the shower valve work, but didn't do work on the pea-trap drain thingy. I got so frustrated with the whole damn thing I passed it over to John. He called plumber #1 who told him what was going on. Then he called #2 and got the low-down. #2 referred us to #3 who came all the way from Hemet to do the work. Finally, it's all ready for #1 to come back now and put in the rest of the shower stall and door. This was supposed to be a fairly quick and easy job and it's turned into a $1800 job. At least it will be complete on Tuesday. New flooring gets put in on Monday, carpets cleaned on Monday and then after Tuesday, we are ready to list the house. Thank god cuz I'm sick of painting and getting stuff ready. I'm just a perfectionist so I create my own hell, I know..... On a creative note.... I finished up a justjohanna project I was working on and when I went to distress it, the ink I had bought at the scrapbook expo just vomited on my card, so I had to do a new one right quick. I ended up making a tall card with the birthday stack. You'll have to check out my gallery to see it because I forgot to scan it. It has lots of Stickles on it, so Johanna said she'd work on finding a good way to photograph it. So I also went to Cat's. I dropped off my monthly submissions for justjohanna stuff. Also turned in my creative bag project for her July challenge. I took in my sample for the class I'm teaching on July 26th. It's a fun little board book in a beachy theme. When I arrived at Cat's, Auntie Jill was there. She told me she signed up for the class and signed up her friend from Texas, too! Woo hoo! Two people so far. That will be fun. Jill is fun. Went to the Padres game tonight. At first I was bored. The Seattle Mariners were kicking our butts. I felt like getting up and walking around, but then it started getting good again. We scored a bunch of runs by home runs, but ended up losing the game anyways. We left 3 men on base in the bottom of the 9th! Grrrrrr! That's it for now. See you all manana!

Friday, June 23, 2006

OK so I did something today

I'm working on a challenge from Cat. It's for the paper bag challenge. Click on her link to the right and it's under challenges. I've got plenty of her paper bags to practice on cuz I shop there a lot. Sssh! Don't tell my hubby! No picture since this is supposed to be an anonymous thing. One challenge I'm sorry I didn't get to do what the one Johanna put out for us to make cards with certain stamps. The challenge ended yesterday and my room was all turned upside down and couldn't get to my stuff. Bummer. I really wanted to do it, too. Oh well, can't do it all. Back to the bag....
Didn't post yesterday. Thought about it, but didn't do it. Can say that about a lot of things yesterday. Thought about cleaning, but didn't do it. Thought about painting but didn't do it. Thought about grocery shopping.... you get the idea. Just felt like a slug yesterday. I'm already tired of looking at boxes and we haven't even started packing our real stuff. I've packed up some stuff that I won't be using for awhile - like my quilting stuff - but not stuff we use every day. The house officially goes on the market on June 27th, I think. That's if all the flooring is done. I tell ya, I could never be a general contractor. I'd end up choking somebody by the end of the first week. I think I'm cranky because I haven't been crafting. Can't get to the desk right now 'cuz I had to move stuff around in the craft room for the closet door guys. I must clear a space for crafting or I will go crazy. There are so many neat stamps out there these days. And, thanks to Cat, I've been ordering them. I ordered a bunch from Outlines. I saw some adorable ones from Pink Cat Studio that I liked. There are also some cute ones from Stampin Up that I like. So many stamps, so little time and money. I will have to do more classes so I can afford my habit... I've got one two more projects/cards to do before I turn my DT submissions in to Cat this weekend. I think I'll be busy in the craft room tonight. I need a good name for my craft room. Any ideas?? Paper Pit of Happiness, Rubber Stamp Cave....

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Hump Day with berries

No, this has nothing to do with whales or sex, it's just the middle of the week. Today the door guys came and installed the closet doors and interior doors we ordered. They look fantastic. Now we have to take down the newly installed interior doors and paint them and then re-hang them. This is craziness. After this move, I will NEVER MOVE AGAIN! I couldn't even be crafty while they were doing that because they were in the room I would've been crafting in, so I went outside in our gorgeous 82 degrees and pruned the boysenberry bushes. Well I think they are boysenberries. I used to think they were blackberries, but now I think they are boysenberries. Do you know the difference? I heard that boysenberries are a hybrid of blackberries, raspberries and loganberries. How do you know if you have a boysenberry bush or a blackberry bush? The berry looks the same!! I sure would like to know the answer to that question. The berries are just bursting off the bush. Yummy! I got this great idea for a card today, but can't craft it yet. I'm thinking that the jj gift stack needs to be balanced on someone's/something's head. I know! A bir-duh! I have some bir-duhs! That will be the first thing I do once I find my workspace again. Don'tcha love the pic for today? I have it as a decal, but I'm too chicken to put it on my car, so it sits on my bulletin board. :)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tuesday is learning day

I figure today had to have been a learning day since I got nothing done except put out little fires and get frustrated with everything I had to do. Every project at work was incomplete when turned in to me so I had to do more research. Then I find out that the original information was messed up so it's just messed up! Grrrrr. I must've needed to learn patience today. I picked up a copy of Take Ten from the Cupboard the other day, so I spent a little time today on my breaks looking at it. I've never bought that mag before and now I wonder why not!? It's awesome. There are some really talented people out there. I'm already planning on submitting to this mag. I spent a little time today looking at the DT blogs and galleries. There are some awesome ladies on this DT! I was inspired by Claudette today. Her stuff is just amazing to me. Way to go, Claudette! I hope we can meet someday. I'd love to watch you work. :) I have to finish up a card swap tonight, and then I am going to work on my submissions for the month of June. I've got most of it done already, but I have ideas for a few more things. Johanna posted the galleries of alphabets submitted for the contest (?). There are some really neat ones in there. I wonder who will win? Whoever wins, deserves it. Those ladies are awesome! I'm feeling so distracted these days. You should see my house. Well, wait, I take that back - don't look at my house. It's like the rest of my life right now - all disheveled and disorganized. I have to get ahold of this clutter or I feel my life will spin out of the atmosphere. I have this huge room to craft in, and it's so messy (see post below) I'm working in a small 12" x 12" section of the blotter on the desk. That's pathetic. Getting up right now to clean it. Stop looking at my mess, please.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day

Father's Day, the first Father's Day without Dad. While crafting today, I listened to his favorite kind of music, big band music. I love that music, too. I can remember him listening to it and whistling to some of the tunes. I loved his whistle. He didn't think he was any good, but I thought he was the greatest. While I was crafting, I needed a template for something and I didn't have one, so I made one. Reminded me of Dad. He was always good at thinking up something you could use to make things work better or easier. I miss him alot. I don't feel bad crying, either. Other than that, it was a relaxing day. I slept in until 8:30, savored my coffee and had my cereal. I didn't have laundry to do today like usual because John did it yesterday. How sweet! So, I played in the craft room, what else? I made the book for the class I'm doing on the 26th of July at the Cupboard. Pictures you ask? Nope, not until the class is over. I wouldn't want to spoil it for anyone.... I did use quite a few justjohanna stamps on this project. It was fun incorporating those images into my project. Here is the latest cool thing I am into. I LOVE HER STUFF! You gotta check it out. Her stamps are so strange that they're awesome. I've also put a link to her blog in my profile stuff. I worked out in the yard a little today. I watered the plants and pulled some weeds. It was too warm to do much else. The blackberry bushes are working overtime with the berries this year. It's the 3rd year for these bushes and I heard that's when they really start putting out the berries, and well, that's true! I've gotten 2-3 at a time and I just eat them, but soon there will be bowlfuls to eat! Did you watch the new show, Treasure Hunters? It's kinda sorta like the Amazing Race, but in this show they have to figure out the clues, not just follow directions. It's gonna be a neat show. I also like that one, Windfall. It's about lottery winners. Interesting now, but I can see that it could get a little boring and predictable. That's it, kids. Not much happening today. Why oh why is this site goofed up? My info is at the bottom of the page now. How the heck did that happen?!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Crafty Saturday

Today was the day of the big book making in Rancho Santa Fe. Debbie B. had her group get together at the Golf Course in RSF. It was a fab day of crafting and meeting new people. We made an 8x8 SEI book using the new BG paper, Urban Couture. ooh la la! I posted a few of the layouts we made. After the class was over, I ran by the Cupboard and showed the book to Cat. She drooled all over it. She loves the Urban Couture paper, but did she really have to dribble on it? We chatted about classes, I bought paper (big surprise) and then went home. I'm just about to get down to some serious creating. I do my best work late at night.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Went to Scrapbook Expo today

Pam and I went to the scrapbook expo in San Diego today. What a great day! We got there around 10:30 and started our shopping. By the time we were hungry, our totes were full, so we took our morning purchases to the car. We walked to the Subway in the Gaslamp Quarter and had lunch and were energized for the second half of the day. We filled our totes again! There was this really cool both with things for $1! I spent $36 in that booth alone. Got some really cool bottle caps there. I also got two Basic Grey packs today. I got the Hang 10 and Urban Couture. They are fab! Lessee, what was the coolest thing I got today??? Hmmm, I think it was the Lyra Aquacolors. These are wax-based crayon things. Check it out: You can use a water pen to brush across the crayon and color with it. It makes the most beautiful colors on the paper. You paint with them like watercolors. I got a pretty good deal. I paid about $16 for the set of 24. That's about 50% off. Pam and I came home exhausted. That means it was a really good day! It's really warm out tonight. Makes me want to pitch a tent in the backyard and sleep outside. Well, except for thte barking dog next door, I just might've done it. I'm off to put away my new toys. See you tomorrow, sports fans.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Fabulous Thursday

Work was yukky. I worked on some PITA projects today. Took me all day and what a pain they were! I did make some progress on the pile on my desk, at least. I have to get a copy of this month's Rubber Stamp Madness. Johanna posted the calls in that mag and I want to have it for my very own. I must say I don't subscribe to any rubber stamp magazine - yet. Any suggestions on which one(s) are the best? It's so hard to decide. When I thumb through them, seems like way more ads than techniques, cards, etc. Which ones do you subscribe to? I do get Vamp Stamp News and I LOVE that. I'm about to go and craft a little. It's been a heck of a week and I need to craft. I have some ideas for the jj stamps. Hint: I'm working on something to do with shrink plastic! Tomorrow is the Scrapbook Expo in San Diego at the Convention Center. I am going to take my jj tote bag to carry my stuff. I don't think it's really big enough, but hey, the advertising opportunity shouldn't be missed! I can always make more trips to the car if the bag gets full, right? :) I've committed myself to doing a class at the Cupboard on July 26th. I think it will be some type of fun book using jj stamps. I just have to decide what type of book. I'm hoping to be inspired at the Expo. Also, the opportunity arose to do a class up in Temecula. That would be fun. I love teaching. No more typing. Gotta go make some shrinky dinks!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Well, it's really Wednesday, but

I'm counting it as Tuesday. Just really, really late Tuesday. The pain is back. Pain in the back and pain in my head. I'm guessing it's stress and that it will go away when the stress goes away. That means when the house is sold and we've already moved in to the condo. I hope it's soon! Not a very good day in the creativity department. Oh wait, maybe I can count it a little... I am keeping a journal of these funny sayings that I'd like to use someday when I make my own rubber stamps. I came up with about 20 of them, I'd venture to guess. Here's one that Kristie said today and I thought it would make a quirky, fun stamp: She thinks her butt is a cream puff and everybody wants a bite. Now, I know you can't put that on every card you make, but it is a funny stamp saying! Well, I think so, but then I'm told I'm weird. Finally heard back from the flooring guy, the door guy, the plumber and the handyman. Next week the downstairs shower gets torn out and then new put in, new plumbing for downstairs shower, new closet and interior doors get hung and then linoleum laid and carpets cleaned. Whew! All in one week, next week. Then we're ready for buyers. Thank god. I'm sick of getting ready. I just want to sell and then get the moving out of the way. We have so much junk. We've lived here for 18 years and we've accumulated our fair share of unnecessary items. Attention: Garage Sale is Saturday, June 24 from 8am-3pm. I mailed out my swap for My Creative Space today. The swap was to take a picture of how you've organized your creative space, so I took my picture in front of the rubber stamp wall that Dad made. First pic is the 6x6 page. Second pic is showing the hidden journaling on the page. The journaling slides out from a sleeve that is behind the picture. I'm not much of a scrapbooker, but I'm trying. I sent another alphabet to Johanna yesterday. My third and final one. It's hard for me to draw that stuff. I'm terrible at drawing. Even doodling is hard. I tend to want to stay in the lines, to draw within certain parameters, so when someone says "just draw anything", I go into panic mode: "What do they really want?" I'm working on playing outside the box. Time for bed. It's waaaay past my bedtime. I'm going to be very, very tired tomorrow, but I couldn't go right to bed when we got home from the Padres game. BTW, Padres beat those Dodgers 9-1. No cream puffs for you.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sunday is a funday

Yes, boys and girls, today was a fun day. It started out with me sleeping in. I woke up at 7 and then Cheeto came up to me on the bed and wanted to be petted, so I was petting him and I said to myself, "I don't have to get up for anything today, I'm going to be lazy". Well, lazy I was. I got up at 10 something! John and I cooked our big breakfast together: eggs, hash browns, sauteed mushrooms and bacon. From 1-3 I had a colored pencil class at Cat's. Terry Medaris was teaching us again about coloring with Prismacolor pencils. This class focused on finding/creating a light source in your picture and coloring accordingly. I finally "got it" about the time we were scheduled to leave. I will practice this technique. I will, I will. It is something I've always wanted to do. As I was sitting in the class, I thought that I might also seek out other avenues of nuturing my creative side. I never took art in school because I always thought I was terrible at it. Well, you ARE going to be terrible at something if you don't practice, right? No more. I will practice. Cleaned my craft room up a bit. No, it's not ready for pictures, but it is cleaned up. Have to finish up a swap tonight. It's a scrapbook page and I'm not really a scrapbooker. Hmmm, this will be a stretch for me tonight. Tomorrow night, I will be working on a couple more alphabets for the justjohanna challenge. It's due the 14th. Can someone please tell me how to put my photo in my profile??? I've been trying to do that since I started this blog. (expletive deleted). See ya manana, banana.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Today was a good day

Today was a good day. Woke up around 7-ish and guess what? NO MIGRAINE! Hooray! Our plan was to go grocery shopping first thing in the morning, then I was going to go to Ever After in Csbd to see Lulu, then to Cat's to drop off stuff and get some stamps, then home to paint. Oh, and today was the VWD picnic starting at 11 and ending at 4. I wasn't really in the mood for a picnic today, so instead.... I got out of bed at 7:30 after petting Cheeto. I decided to let John sleep and go grocery shopping by myself. I got home 9:30 and decided not to go see Lulu. (You really want to know who Lulu is, don't you?) So, I chill for a little while after putting groceries away and John reads the paper. We leave around noon to go to Cat's. When we get there, Johanna is there with Jacob. He is a cutie pie! Lora was plagiarizing some of Godelieve's cards (haha not really!), and Cat was being Cat. :) We hung out for a little while and I got my stamps and headed down to the deli for lunch. Had a couple of Reubens (YUMMY) and some beers and went home. After that it was just paint, paint, paint! I am sick of painting, but it looks really nice in the downstairs bedroom now. Only thing left to paint now is the downstairs bathroom, but we're waiting on the plumber to come and replace the shower stall before we paint. We painted the bedroom the same beige color that we painted the livingroom and kitchen. Hey, we already had the paint! We used the beige on the bottom of the wall under the chair rail and white above it. I painted the chair rail and baseboards white. It looks way cool in there now. I'll get the carpets cleaned early next week and then call Mary (the RE agent) to come over and take some pictures so we can get this show on the road! I want our house to sell fast! I told John we are doing way more improvements than we need to, but I think it will make our house look better than the other two in the neighborhood and that it makes it sell faster. Yes, we're selling for more $$, but the improvements should help a lot. That's it. I'm going to start cleaning up the messy craft room now. See post below.
Ok, so here is the MESS! I don't know how in the world I concentrate in here with the box of envelopes on the floor full of swaps to be mailed out, the desktop so full of papers, stamps, adhesives and ink pads!! I really need to clean this up TOTALLY. What I usually do is clean it up just enough so that I have room to work again and then it starts all over. I think it blocks my creativity with all this junk all over the place. How in the world am I going to move all this stuff into the new house?? At least the new craft room is the same size or maybe a little bigger than this 8x10 room I have now. I am definitely going to move my wall of rubber to the new place. Ooh, can you see my boa behind the door? This is embarrassing. I'm going to go clean it up now. I will post the CLEAN pics when I'm done. Like tomorrow. Or Wednesday. Or next week. Eeeek!!!!

Friday, June 09, 2006

What a crappy day. My boss brought us all Starbucks this morning. She brought Caramel Mocciatto's (sp). I never had one, so I drank it. It was delish. Only problem is, around 9am I could feel the migraine coming on. They must've used some type of artificial sweetener in it. I am severely allergic to NutraSweet (aspartame). The headache come on so fast and hard I was on the floor in minutes. The sweet ladies at work brought blankets, pillows and ice packs for me. Thank god I had some Imitrex in my purse! It took the edge off, but it is now 7:45pm and I still have the migraine. It sucks! I even went to the chiropractor to get my head adjusted and got a massage, too. Better, but still a migraine. I hope it goes away by morning, or I will have to go to the ER for a shot of demerol. In spite of the headache, I felt sparkly, so I did four jj cards today. I love the lime green cardstock, but it doesn't photograph very well. That's ok, it looks pretty IRL. I'm catching up on some of my swaps from the PC site tonight. I've mailed out four that I've hosted so far. Let me check my list: Ok, two more swaps that I'm hosting and I've got twelve that I've signed up to do. I only signed up for two new ones in the last three weeks. I've really cut back since I've committed myself to the design team. Swaps are fun, but jj is funner!!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Ok, so I didn't make any jj cards today. I had some swaps I had to catch up on. I did the map card and used an old map of Berlin I got at the thrift store for 25 cents. I did the frog card and colored with Prismacolor pencils. I did the baseball card using an old b&w photo of black baseball players. I colored some of the areas with the Prismacolor pencils. Yes, I love using those pencils! I use them whenever I can. I just love to color. I wasn't feeling very creative tonight. Just went through the motions. I guess I'm allowed to have those kind of days once in awhile, right? Ok, so I get this email from Cat. She is such an enabler! She guided me to this website, I signed up for the 6x6 kit of the month. It looks awesome. Cat says she's been getting it for some time now. From the jj blog, looks like Johanna has had some experience with selfaddressed as well. Now, you're going there, aren't you? Writing that url down, I see. Hmmm, just let us know what you buy! :) I am tired of my back hurting all the time now. It hurts from the time I get up til the time I go to bed. Tired of taking that flexeril that makes me so darn sleepy. Can't work while taking that stuff. Argh!!!! Gotta go to the Chiropractor and get a massage for sure.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Today's challenge

Johanna challenged the DT to come up with an alphabet. I stink at drawing anything - even stick figures, but I accept her challenge and will come up with at least 3 alphabets this week. My biggest hurdle is to make them look different. I tend to want to doll up my regular handwriting, but I want to try and do something different. I will try, I must try. Feeling the need to stamp tonight. I have some ideas for a couple of my jj stamps. No peeking! Off I go to my comfy corner table in the craft room, under my lamp and into world of ink pads, paper and rubber stamps. Until next time....

Ok, so this is it - my first blog

So, I've finally joined the masses and got my own blog. Here's a picture of me and John inside Stonehenge. This pic was taken May 2004. Yeah, I know, you can't see my face. I'm workin' on it....! This blog will mainly be about my experience with being on the Design Team of justjohanna rubber stamps, but I retain the right to submit senseless blathering and nonsensical poetry from time to time. That's it for the first blog.