Monday, December 25, 2006

I'm LOST in coloring today

So yeah, I sat on my butt today, but it was time well spent, I think. I got the 2nd season of LOST for Christmas and since its been ages since I watched season 1, I started to watch that today. I've gotten through 3 DVD' so far.

So, while watching Lost, I colored. Jennifer inspired me to dig out my Terry Medaris stamps since she did such a FANTASTIC job coloring her new images. I did the cowgirl bookmark for a friend for Christmas. I love orange and purple together and she loves red. She has twin boys and when they were little they had red cowboy boots that they wore EVERYWHERE and with EVERYTHING. It was hilarious. So, back to the bookmark... I colored this for her since she reads so much. I think she took the advanced Evelyn Woodhead speed reading course cuz she reads fast! So, Pam, this is for YOU!

The door stamp is another thing. I just wanted to color something besides a person. I pretty much copied Terry's color scheme for this door scene. It helps me to do that so I get an idea of how I want to color it again using my own colors.

Done coloring and done watching Lost for the day. Hope your Christmas day was just as fun.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Doing the happy dance

I've been able to make cards every day this week. I won't bore you and post them all here. You can see them in my 2peas gallery. Here's one I did last night. It was really fun to color. I colored the image with Prismacolor pencils, of course! It took me about 90 minutes to color this image. I did not use a blender or gamsol. I just layered color upon color. Erin asked me what colors I used for the fleshtones and I'd have to say, "all of them". Well, ok, not blue or black or green, but probably all the peaches, some pinks and a little burnt sienna. I just love the red-haired lady in green. I imagine that's what I'm going to look like in a few years. Have a great day. Thanks for reading my blog.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Results of Self-Addressed Saturday

Wow, what a fun, fun day! First we had lunch from the Continental Deli. Yummy! Then we walked down to the Scrapping Cottage and bought some needed craft supplies. Then we walked back to the Cupboard and got down to some serious crafting. We made cards and laughed until coffee-time, about 5:30pm, and we walked down to the Blue Mug to get our caffeine fix. I had the white mocha latte. Yummy! Back to the Cupboard to make more cards. We laughed so hard that Jill had to swallow three times! Ok, that was an inside joke, but I know it made her laugh. So we made cards until 11:00pm when Cat kicked us out. haha not really, but it really was time to go home. What a fun

Thursday, December 14, 2006

So here's what the pain was

I went to the doctor on Monday and I explained my symptoms to her. She looked in my throat and in my ears and said I have a sinus thing brewing. You know - the fluid behind your eardrum, the ear pain, the postnasal drip and a slight fever. She explained that the symptoms I had were consistent with a bacterial virus that is going around. People are experiencing the same symptoms I had and it's an infection! What the *&%@?? Ok, whatever. At least I wasn't having a stroke or a heart attack, huh? She prescriped a short term course of Cipro and I should be fine. I just wanted you all to know that so that you didn't think I was gonna leave you anytime soon and then you'd start lining up to get my craft goodies. Not yet, my friends... I intend to be here a looooong time! I have lots of cards to make yet! BTW, Jennifer is the first one to email me back with her weird list. How about the rest of you gals? You know you're weird - let's see your lists!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Six Weird Things About Me

Ok, so Godelieve tagged me and now it's my turn to reveal six weird things about me. I have to say it took me a couple of days to pare my list down to just six things...
  1. I am legally blind in my right eye. I only have peripheral vision.
  2. I like to take nude vacations and pose for nude pictures, especially outside. Not porn, just au natural. Was that too much information?
  3. I believe in clairvoyants and mediums. I think I have the same gift, but I'm afraid to use it.
  4. When I'm bored or I'm thinking, I always tap out the same rhythm with either my hands or my feet, and sometimes at the same time.
  5. I've always wanted to be an actress or a singer.
  6. I prefer to drink my cold beverages with a straw. If there is no straw available, I rarely finish the beverage.

Ok, so maybe some of those aren't so weird, but maybe they are odd. I know I'm odd, but I'm ME!

So now I tag the following people to come up with their own list: Cat, Jill, Dana, Donna, Jennifer. You all know who you are, so come on, post your weirdness.

Some Christmas cards

So I decided to make some Christmas cards. It's about time, right? Christmas is only 12 days away, so I'd better send cards soon. I used all three sizes of the scallop circle by justjohanna. One of the ladies on the Stamp Shack posted her card and so I lifted the layout. Cool beans. Here are the cards. Oh, and you can't tell from these pictures, but I used Perfect Pearls on them in the circle area. It looks really cool IRL. BTW, these are the same cards in my 2peas gallery.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

It was a weird kind of chest pain

I was at my birthday celebration at Lips and suddenly I felt really weird. Kind of like the moment you realize you're drunk, but I wasn't. Honest. I didn't even finish my martini. I felt a little dizzy, flushed, hot and had this pressure in my upper chest. I first thought it was a hot flash, but it wasn't. Then I thought I had the flu, but no, that wasn't it. I went outside for some fresh air, but that didn't help either. I just felt out of it. Sickish. So we went home, went to bed and I woke up feeling fine. Sat down with my cup of coffee and turned on the DVR. Watching my recorded shows, that same feeling came back. Oh no! Felt sick to my stomach, sweaty and that damn pressure in my upper chest. No pain down my arms either episode. I do have to say, though, that I always have pain in my back, neck and left arm. It's from a herniated disc in my c-spine. C-6 or -7 I think. So it's fairly easy to tell a new type of pain from the old, constant pain. So, I decided this morning that maybe this wasn't a virus at all, maybe it was a sign of something. I got dressed and called Pam. She took me to the doctor's office. They did an EKG which showed some "changes" from my last EKG. Doctor told us to go directly to the ER. We did and we sat there for 5 hours. Oh, I got in immediately, but we were there for 5 hours. They did a couple of EKG's, 2 chest xrays and bloodwork. Everything came back perfectly normal. The doctor couldn't explain the episode and recommended I stay overnight but I decided to go home. I'll go back to the doctor tomorrow and get a referral to a cardiologist. That's enough about that. On to happier things - like paper and stamps!

My birthday

I had a great birthday. I received many congrats from the justjhanna design team as well as members of the Stamp Shack (fellow Shackies) and from the PCMB ladies. Thank you all for your lovely cards. On Friday, my actual birthday, John and I went out to dinner with my Mom, my sister and her husband. We went to the La Playa Cantina and Grill in Restaurant Row in San Marcos for dinner. Yummy! On Saturday, I planned my own outing. We went to Lips in San Diego. If you don't know about Lips, it is a fun drag queen dinner show. They are so talented and they look so freakin' good in their dresses! Here are a few pictures from the show. My son, Anthony is in the first picture. He's the second one from the right (tan shirt). I thoroughly enjoyed myself, even though I got sick, but more on that in the next blog.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

It's a cake day

I worked on birthday cards today. The cards are for my friends over at the Stamp Shack and the PaperCrafts Message Board. I don't think they read my blog, so I don't think this will spoil the surprise. This first card is with the circle cake stamp. Yes, I cut out all the little circles on the cake. I also paper pieced Belle on top of the cake as well as the gifts on the bottom right of the card. All stamps are by justjohanna. The second card (orange one) was made with Chatterbox and Scrapbook Walls paper. I love orange and green together. I love this cupcake stamp by justjohanna. The little flower on top of the cupcake is a flower brad with a gem glued to the top of it. You didn't think I would make a card without a little bling, did you? The third card was made with paper by Making Memories, Bazzill and Imagination Project (Chloe's Closet). I got the IP paper in my SA add-on kit. Same jj cupcake stamp. Can you tell I love this stamp? I use it all the time.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I love to color

Here's a card I made the other day when Donna was over and we were crafting. I was showing her how to color with the Prismacolor pencils and the using the gamsol to soften the color. This looks like watercolors instead of pencils.
I could color all day and all night using my Prismas. Man, I love those pencils! I should be a commercial for them. I should call them up. "Hello, Prismacolor pencil company? Yes, I love your pencils so much that I should be your official spokesperson. Yes, I'm serious. I could to your tv commercials. Oh, you don't do tv commercials? Well, you SHOULD! Ok, then, how about a podcast? Popup window? You say I'm obsessed? You're calling who? Oh, ok, I'll go now. I'm hanging up. Bye."