Sunday, February 18, 2007

A million bazillion stamps

That's how many justjohanna stamps we made up on Saturday. We - Cat, Johanna, Lora, Chris and I - worked at the Cupboard from 2pm until 2:30am cutting rubber, indexing and mounted a gazillion stamps. Well, it seemed like that many. Here's why we made up so many stamps - Johanna (the H is silent), and her company, justjohanna rubber stamps, will be at the first annual rubber stamp expo in Del Mar, CA this year! How freakin' exciting is that?? We are assembling a bunch of stamps for the booth there. Johanna and Cat are hosting three, that's 3!, Create 'n Takes each day of the Expo. Wow! There will be a free create 'n take at the justjohanna booth as well. Won't you stop by and see us? I'll be there both days. Come say hello!


justjohanna said...

i just posted a picture of the stamps dumped out on cat's floor. it sure did feel like a million bazillion. let's make more!

shuggy said...

i wanna come!!

m i c h e l l e said...

I just saw the pic of the stamps on Johanna's blog. HOLY CR@P that's a lot of stamps!!! I just want to pick up armfuls and "hug" them! Whoops...I shouldn't have admitted that. :-)