Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I'm not LOST anymore

Ok, so I was waaay behind in watching LOST. When the show first started, I watched a few episodes and said, eh. Then later in the 1st season, I watched another episode and went, oh crap, I shoulda been watching this, it's great, but I'm way behind now. Second season starts and I'm bummed because I'm lost on LOST. Then the 1st season comes out on DVD and I get buy it. Awesome!!! But since the 2nd season started already and we didn't set the DVR to record it, I'm behind again. Arrrrgh!!!! Season 3 starts. Only this time, John sets the DVR to record it. Season 2 comes out on DVD and I buy that. I finish watching all of that (awesome) and then I start in on the DVR episodes, and as of last night, I'M ALL CAUGHT UP!!! Aren't you just thrilled for me? Thank you.


Julie said...

Well done! I love that show :)

Do you always have problems with your DVR msising some episodes? I would not bet my life on that thing... boo Cox.

Debbie said...

No, it doesn't miss episodes, I do. I didn't set it to record Season 1 so I missed out.