Saturday, February 10, 2007

Super Duper Saturday

Let me start this post by saying my computer sucks. Ever since I installed Internet Explorer 7, my typing has sucked. For some reason, not all the letters come out after I type them. At first, I thought it was my keyboard so I replaced it. Twice. I've come to the conclusion it's not the keyboard. It's like there is some lag time between the typing and what ends up on the screen. It's maddening, I tell you! Ok, so on to todays fabulousness.... From 10:30-1:30 I "worked" at Cat's doing the make 'n takes. The stamps were from Rosie's Roadshow. A cow with hearts on it, colored with pencils. Waaay cute. Around 1:30, Julie came in and did the make 'n take despite the fact that I watched her do it. When my shift was over, we walked down to the Cottage and bought some paper and buttons. While we were there, guess who showed up? Cat, Johanna and Lora. hahaha We all shop at the greatest places! After the Cottage experience, Julie and I planned to go get some sushi, but we were too late, so we had Mexican food instead. After filling our bellies, we came to here and crafted. We made exploding boxes. Pictures later. Then we played with the stamp-a-ma-jig (Julie's new favorite craft item) and we colored with pencils. We came up with some wacky ideas for justjohanna stamps so watch the galleries.


justjohanna said...

i wanna see i wanna see!

Debbie said...

Now that Julie has a stamp-a-ma-jig she will be stacking birds and cupcakes and scooters! She's a madwoman, I tell you! Ok, I will post the picture of the new bird design we came up with, but know it is Julie's idea, but my execution.