Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I've been PEEPED

Look at all the Peeps things my niece, Dana, sent me. She knows I love Peeps.

  • The pink Peep lights up when you put it in water.
  • Bag of candy. Individual bags inside hold Peeps and Chicks
  • Cylinder thing in front is a blue raspberry lollipop
  • Big package is Peeps play-doh
  • Stuffed Peep

Wasn't that nice of her to think of me? I think so. I will see her in PA soon and I will give her a big giant HUG!!!


Tami said...

I had no idea there were so many different peep things...what a sweet niece!

KH said...

That is some really cool stuff!!!

hutch ink designs... said...

WOW what a thoughtful niece you have! What a great stuff you got!


Anonymous said...

That's some nice stuff you got there Auntie Debbie. Man I'm awesome! haha I'm so glad you liked it! When you come out this summer we'll have to go in search of the peep car! It's a yellow VW beetle with a giant peep on top! -Dana