Monday, May 21, 2007

Irridescent Medium MESS

I made such a mess tonight.

Julie gave me a present. I got some Winsor & Newton Irridescent Medium. It's a shimmery substance that you add to your watercolors or acrylics to make it shimmery. You can also paint it directly onto paper. It is lovely.

Well, I thought it would look cool if I painted on a light layer of the medium over my colored pencil work, not knowing whether it would stick to the waxy surface of the pencil. It did stick beautifully. But then I had to go and mess it up.

I decided it had just a little too much shimmer for me (did I say that?), so I put a little water on a cotton pad and attempted to wipe it off. Carefully. It did start to come off, but then so did some of the pencil color. Oh no! So I wiped a bit more to get the water off then a bit more, and then I smooshed it over onto the white background. Shit. It carried the color over to the background and made it blurry. Look near the head by her hair. See? Yeah, you see it. There are smudges at the base of her dress, too. It's just a mess. But it shimmers!

So, did I throw it away? No. I chalk it up to experience and will not do this again, unless I WANT this kind of a mess. Oh, the stamp is pretty cool, huh? It's a new Terry Medaris stamp. At least one thing is cool about this image.


Julie said...

haha....nice coloring, though!

GrammaStamper (Barb) said...

I remember a class I took and when someone made a mistake we all had to chant, "If you want a perfect card, buy a Hallmark! I looked closely at this card and I couldn't see the 'mess' of which you speak. So, great job, Debbie!