Thursday, May 17, 2007


On Mother's Day, Mom shows me this package full of old postcards. She wonders if I want them or what she should do with them. Most of the postcards were written to my great-grandma Hahn back in the early 1900's, with a few going to her brothers. Mom got these postcards from Grandma Margaret, who got them from her sister, Carol (my great-aunt) and daughters to Regina. I start looking through the postcards and I'm in awe. There are the usual embossed florals, the old-fashioned photographs with kitschy sentiments, and then there are a few that I think are outstanding and believe they are really worth something. The first one, the Pantalette Suffragette is in excellent condition. It was mailed to my Grandma Hahn back in 1912. I saw this same postcard on an auction site for $75. Now the second postcard, the watermelon one, cracks me up. It is so politically uncorrect, that I find it funny. Could you imagine sending out a postcard like this today? Oh, the Rev. Jesse Jackson would be making a personal call to you, don'tcha know! So all in all, there are 250+ postcards in this bag. I talked to my sister about them, and we agree that they should stay in the family. I'll put them in an archival storage album and I'll also get a pricing guide for curiosity's sake. Interesting things we find, huh?


Julie said...

AHHH! If only I could find anything so great!

Tami said...

What a treasure! It's so wonderful that they have survived and stayed in your family all this time.