Saturday, May 05, 2007

Sunny Days

Today was a fabulously sunny day, so I made a sunny card. I kept looking at this stamp at Cat's, but never put it in my basket, and yeterday I did! Jill, did you buy it yet??

It's such a happy, cheerful stamp. I just love any House Mouse image, though. I'm starting to get quite a collection. I love the new designs, but the old stamps are really my favorite. You can see House Mouse stamps here.

I stamped this image on Rosie's cardstock. I don't know what else to call it. That's what Cat calls it so there ya go. The paper is not smooth. It has some "tooth" to it. The "tooth" is great because when you color with the Prismacolor pencils, you're able to get more color into the paper. I think it allows for better blending. Also, when I color on the "toothy" paper, I don't get that wax bloom like I do when I color on a smooth paper. Just my personal preference.

When I color House Mouse images, it takes me a looooooong time. I really take my time and think about the colors and then layer and layer and layer them. I often go back and add just a hint of another accent color as well. No one probably notices but me, but that's ok. I don't usually use the colorless pencil blender, but I do use it on the mouse fur. I like a lighter touch of color on the mice, so I don't want to color too hard. Using the colorless blending pencil allows me to put down a little color and then spread it around with the blender.

That's it for this card. I think I'll dig out my Terry Medaris stamps and color one or two of those. Did you know he is coming to town to teach some colored pencil classes? No? Click here to go to his website and see the list of classes. One may be near YOU!


UPDATE - 5/8/07: This card was chosen as Card of the Month for April on HM Stamps website. How cool is that??


Tami said...

The whole card is amazing, but just look at that terra cotta pot....holy cow!

Auntie Jill said...

Hey Debbie,

I'm not gettin' it put me to shame with your coloring....LOL!!! GREAT JOB!!