Sunday, May 06, 2007

I love Limepeel

I love the Prismacolor pencil, Limepeel. I think it goes with so many of the other colors, that I use it a lot. I mean A LOT!!

I colored this gal last night around 3am. Yes, 3am. Dopey me drank a Red Bull with my dinner. This is the way felt around 3am so I just kept on coloring. Her dress is colored with the limepeel pencil and highlighted with moss green, I think.

This image is by Art Impressions andI think it is hilarious. For some reason, she reminds me of my grandma, Stella. Grandma didn't have red hair nor did she dress like this, but she was tall and thin and always drank coffee. Oh, and she always had a cigarette in her hand. Ah, childhood memories.


donna said...

You are right it does look like Granny. I think that is an awesome card it really made me smile.

Mary said...

Quirky and Cute. Great card.

Mary (toao)

Tami said... the red hair. She reminds me of my Aunt Lois...gosh I miss her.