Saturday, May 05, 2007

I felt like coloring

I felt like coloring last night, so I stamped some images that I haven't used ever or in a very long time. This first one is one I've never used, but one that I love. It's a Paula Best stamp that I got at the expo in Riverside. I love Paula Best stamps. They are so funky and fun. My usual MO when coloring an image that has a person on it, is to color the flesh first, and that's what I did here. I had an idea in my head that I wanted this to be a bright image, so I used pinks and blushes for her skintones. I didn't completely finish the skin tones because I wanted to see what other colors I came up with around her face and then I'd match the highlights with those. I love yellow and red hair so I tend to mix those colors together. Then I just went a little crazy. Blue and green fish, red wings, purple sweater. Color, color, color, blend, blend, blend. This is a new stamp from Magenta. I love their new images. So funky and fun, too. These little birds just had to have lots of color, so I went for it. A simple sentiment from Hero Arts and I was done with this one. Next was this Indian pottery stamp. When I bought it I knew I wanted to stamp it on Stampbord. This is a 2x2 piece of Stampbord and I just went a little crazy with the VersaMagic dewdrops on the background until I got what I call Indian colors. I let the background dry and then I stamped the pottery stamp on top. After that dried, I used my scratch knife and scratched into the Stampbord surface to bring out some highlights. If I didn't do this, my image would've blended into the background due to the inks and colors I used. I love stamping on Stampbord. Have you tried it yet?? If you want to and don't have access to Stampbord, post here and I'll send you a piece. I'm serious. You can put any medium on this stuff. It's amazing! haha I should work for Stampbord, huh? These next two are the same stamp, but I wanted to do two color combinations. When I was looking in my green paper drawer for just the right shade of green paper for the orange card, I found these Outlines leaves that I had clear embossed and tossed in the drawer. I thought they would be perfect for this card. I don't know if they really are perfect, but they go ok. On the pink card, I am not thrilled with the turquoise flower brad there, but I spent nearly 30 minutes trying to tie the perfect ribbon bow, that I just gave up and stuck a brad on there. Done. Hey, wanna see something fun? Check this out: Stampbord Events. Look at May 12. Yes, I am signing autographs! lol


Tami said... really had fun today! I am absolutely in love with the pot card. Ok, now you don't have to send me a piece of stampbord-you already gave me one. I will make something with it this week....promise.

donna said...

I am not really a bird person but THAT card is really fantastic! The coloring job is wonerful.

Godelieve said...

Wonderful work Debbie!! Love what you do with stampbord. Have fun at the Stampbord Event!!