Sunday, June 03, 2007

Wedding Day

Yesterday, David & Lori were married. Here's the story.... David & Lori met on eHarmony. Isn't that sweet? We got our invite to the wedding last month and yesterday was the day. It was "backyard casual" for the ceremony & reception. As the minister, Ken Harrison, talked how they met, said some nice things, etc., he asked them "are you ready to take the plunge?" They both said "Yes!" and he pushed them in the pool!!! Ok, so as they were swimming (and kissing) in the pool, Ken tells us we've been punked! David & Lori were actually married two weeks ago! David, Lori and Ken met for lunch near the Oceanside Pier and were planning the wedding. Somehow (I don't remember how), it came to be that, why shouldn't we just get married RIGHT NOW? So they did. The went out to the end of the pier - the place of their first date and their first kiss - and were married right then and there. They got two witnesses from people walking on the pier. So now, how to keep the secret from everyone? Hmm, they planned the "real" wedding with all the invited guests to their house for the "wedding" and you know the rest. It was a really fun day. Oh, did I mention that David is my brother-in-law? That makes Lori my newest sister-in-law. Welcome to the family, but don't say we didn't warn you! lol We're all a bit weird, and that is the truth if you know the big conversation about nuts. Sorry, family joke. On to the crafty bits: This is the card I made them for their wedding. I used and Outlines stamp. I stamped it three times and embossed it with gold embossing powder. I cut out sections of the stamp and pop-dotted them onto the front of the cardstock. I added gems for "bling" and then used my gold Krylon pen to color over some pink scalloped photo corners and then adhered them. I think that's about it.


Tami said...

Amazing card! I think your new SIL is going to fit right in at the nut house. How many women do you know who would agree to be thrown into a pool at their "wedding"? Great story.

Julie said...

Good story, indeed!

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