Saturday, March 31, 2007

Playing in the craft room

Fabulous day today. I went to the Cupboard to get some goodies. Cat had a special today from 10-12. Buy 3, get one free. How could I pass that up? I got stamps, more dewdrops, paper and some magazines. I'm so excited about all my new stuff. Whenever I buy a new stamp, I have to use it right away. Do you do that? I have to make at least one card from each stamp. These are the four stamps I got today. I thought the lemonade one would look cute with clear lacquer on the pitcher and the ice cubes in the glass. After leaving the Cupboard, I headed on down to the Scrapping Cottage. I got three of the new Basic Grey 6x6 packs (Stella Ruby, Phoebe and Perhaps), a bag of buttons from Foof A La and the new 4" embossing die for my Revolution. As usual, Betty and I gabbed for awhile and from that conversation came the greatest idea for part of my new stamp line. I am not going to tell you what it is. Not yet. And don't think you can bribe Betty either! She will not tell you. You will have to wait until the idea comes to fruition. You will be blown away, believe me! After I got home from my shopping excursions in Escondido, Tony, and his friends came over to do some crafting. They wanted to make score card books for various card games they play. Here's a picture of them holding their books. On the left in her favorite color (orange), Alexis is holding the 10,000 book. This is some kind of dice game. Tony, my adorable son, is holding the Dirty Dog score book. He put lots of cute doggie stuff on his book. Kellie, the cutie pie on the right, is holding the Cribbage book. We used the miniature cards to make a perfect 29 cribbage hand. We used the books I got at Michael's for $1 and just decorated the covers. It was fun. I think they came out really cute. We got a little silly after finishing the books and started stamping our bodies. You can see the naked man stamp on Kellie's neck. Tony has ants behind one ear and a martini glass behind the other ear. Alexis went crazy with the stamps... She stamped the cute Art Impressions lady with the inner tube on her shoulder, my flashing lady on the inside of her lower arm and a sentiment that says So Nice! below it. Very cute. I love it when the kids come over to play in the craft room. There is so much activity and creativity flowing. You guys better come back soon!


hutch ink designs... said...

Oh Debbie,

It sounds like you had a fabulous day! Love the game books that they all cute...just like them..looks like a fun bunch of "kids".

I went to play Bingo with my nephew once and we started get crazy with the daubers...we were laughing at each other so hard...we almost got kicked out! ha ha was so fun and what a great memory! I would love to have him play in my craft space...but he is in TX now!


Julie said...

Excellent day you had! The book slook totally cute! (Nice haul too! I can't believe I stayed outof trouble being in such close proximity!!)

Thanks for the package! I felt famous getting mail at someone else's house :)