Saturday, March 24, 2007

Ah, Saturday. It's so quiet here today. All the neighbors have finished mowing their lawns, no dogs barking, no more Realtors, it's just quiet. I have all the windows open and there is a slightly cool breeze blowing throughout the house. No tv's, no vacuums, no radios, no sounds except the cats. Hubby is out camping with scouts for the entire weekend so I am left to my own desires, which definitely includes crafting. Here's a card I made over the last couple of days. I have a bunch of images stamped, so I thought I'd start coloring. It's the most relaxing thing I can do for myself. I just love to color with my Prismas. This image is from Terry Medaris. He designs the coolest stamps. Check out his website. You can order stamps there. I have a lot of his stamps and honestly, I'm kind of intimidated to color them. If you go to his website, you can see how he colors his images. Amazing, isn't it? I learned to color his way by taking some of his classes, so I feel shy/intimidated/embarrassed to show him how I color his images. Does that make sense? Oh, I guess I just need to get over it, don't I? Ok, so I went to Cat's yesterday and I got some paper (awsome) and some stamps (Magenta- awesomer) and some Stampbord (awesomest)! Today I am going to use those things I got yesterday to make some cards. Wait until you see the fish stamp from Magenta. It is so damn cool. Cat knows what each of her customers likes, and she orders stamps accordingly. Well, she sure knows me! She just knew I would buy that stamp. hehehe Stay tuned, sports fans. Updates later today.

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Julie said...

Beautiful coloring as always :)