Friday, March 16, 2007


Do you believe in horoscopes? I do. Kinda. I like this one that I get on my Google homepage. Here's for today if you are a Sag like me: If you are feeling confident in your ability to succeed now, you probably aren't overestimating yourself. Your optimism is likely based on a very real assessment of your current circumstances. Fortunately, the two key planetary players are in your sign today, encouraging you to take action where you have previously hesitated. You've thought about this long enough; it's time to do it. Friday, March 16, 2007 I do follow this one because it seems to follow one point in my life right now. It's dead on. I think sometimes horoscopes are pretty generalized, especially if you read lots of them for one sign in one day. Each astrologer has his/her own interpretations of the planets. Whoever writes this one, thank you.


Julie said...

Hmm..I don't live my life by horoscopes...but every once in a while when I read one I am amazed by how it was "right on" after the day was done. :) The horoscope thing on my blog broke down so I have not seen mine in a while.

Blogger said...

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