Monday, March 19, 2007

Here are some stamps I got from Stamp Camp at the rubber stamp expo this weekend. I only bought about 10 UM stamps. That's probably a record low for me. Hey, I was busy doing other stuff.....
This first one is pretty cool, I think. I love the flower. I'm envisioning so many different color combos. For this one, I only stamped it quickly with a dye-based ink. I normally use Versafine inks for my images. I just wanted to see what this image looked like done up right quick. Oh, and I used a crappy scrap paper. You can definitely tell the difference in coloring when you use the right paper. Also, I would normally color very heavily with the pencil. Lots of burnishing and blending. Lots of blending.
I like the simplicity of this stamp. I'm thinking this one could be done in the four seasons theme sometime. Another time Iwould glitter or lacquer the leaves. Heat emboss the image on a contrasting cardstock and leave it at that. I just like this image. I had fun doing the background on this stamp. I usually have a hard time with backgrounds, but I just thought that a gradient background might look cool. I didn't do this perfectly. I was just trying to get an idea of what it would look like colored this way. I did use a scrap piece of paper for this. This a very rough grade paper, so lots of white shows through and I don't like that. If you know me, I LOVE BOLD COLORS.
I like this one because it is very different than my usual stamp choices. I'm branching out. Reaching for new ideas. There was an awesome card sample done up at the booth made from this stamp, so just had to have it. I did use my Prismas on this image, but I tried something different. Very light coloring, and then I used the Marvy Blender that Julie gave me. I don't know that I'd use this blender every time, but I think it works for this type of effect. I just wanted a very light, watercolor effect. The scan is lighter than the card IRL, but you get the idea.
Stay tuned for the cards I make with these images. I can't wait to make cards, but today I must clean the room from hell.
If you're looking for stamps like these, check out Stamp Camp. Their UM prices are very good. Their rubber is thick and very well-detailed. I could've blown a whole paycheck at this booth.


Julie said...

I can't believe you whipped all these up already! They look great! I missed that second stamp.... That might have come in handy in Luggage land...

Heather (hbpuppy) said...

Sounds like I missed out on some fun this weekend. Saw some cute pics on Julie's blog. You two are so funny and talented.

hutch ink designs... said... the stamps that you picked up! I checked out stamp camp..of course I found some that I think "I must have"!