Wednesday, March 21, 2007

This is a bit off-topic for this blog, but I thought it was interesting. There is a website I got to once in a while that has aerial photos of the California coastline. You can see every bit of it (except for Vandenberg AFB) from the Mexican border to the Oregon border. This picture is of the San Diego/Mexico border. You can see the fence from the top of the picture to the ocean below. San Diego is on the left, Mexico on the right.. There was an article in The Reader (a free weekly publication) about 2-3 months ago that had a big story on the problems with immigration. In one part of the article, it mentioned that the families on the US side would go to this park and picnic while the rest of their families in Mexico would sit on the other side of the fence and they’d picnic together. Don’t even get me started on the immigration issue. I’m very opinionated and vocal about it. Wait, I just can’t resist ONE rant… Somehow, we must get our point across to the Mexican government that we, the people, are sick and tired of the Mexican government not cooperating with the US on the immigration issue. We need to hit them where it counts – in their pocketbook. I think we should stop vacationing down in Mexico. Mexico proper and Baja as well. Stop leaving our US dollars in their country. If we get enough people to do this, it will make a statement. In the past, we probably left about $2000 a year there. That doesn’t sound like much, but what if every family stopped doing that for just one year? That would definitely make a difference to their economy. This is not like the gasoline thing – don’t buy gas on a certain day and stick it to the gas companies. We can live without giving money to Mexico. Ok, I’m off my soapbox. For now. Your comments?


Julie said...

ohhh had to go there. I am not sure...I don't know all the facts...

All I want is not to pay $10 for a tomato.. (Or $3.17 for gas for that matter...sorry, wrong post.)

I don't want our resources clogged up caring for non tax payers...

I can't side myself on one side of the issue without dipping into the other. NAFTA hurt my family in the pocket book. We lost a lot of money.

I guess I would appreciate it if everyone followed the rules I have to follow. That's it..I vote for communism.

Suzi said...

Ok, I'm gonna comment but not on anything political. I don't live there but I'm sure it affects my life just the same. I'm not smart enough to have a side.

I have been to that area of SD. Many, many, many years ago (hmmm, I must have not yet been born, surely not 12, the age my dd is now?) my grandparents took us to that park. I remember seeing the stadium &, being 12, thought there must be a bull fight there. I actually stepped over the fence (it was down in a few places) and that is my experience w/Mexico.

DH is SHOCKED by this story & can not believe it's true. I always figured, there was strict security and the Mexican people were unable to visit that park. Maybe the fence is in much better condition now??

We will be in SD come June and dh is STILL trying to get me to agree to go to Tijiuana (sp???) with him but I REFUSE. He says he just wants to go to Mexico to say he's been. I say I've been, that's all I need.