Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Well, it's really Wednesday, but

I'm counting it as Tuesday. Just really, really late Tuesday. The pain is back. Pain in the back and pain in my head. I'm guessing it's stress and that it will go away when the stress goes away. That means when the house is sold and we've already moved in to the condo. I hope it's soon! Not a very good day in the creativity department. Oh wait, maybe I can count it a little... I am keeping a journal of these funny sayings that I'd like to use someday when I make my own rubber stamps. I came up with about 20 of them, I'd venture to guess. Here's one that Kristie said today and I thought it would make a quirky, fun stamp: She thinks her butt is a cream puff and everybody wants a bite. Now, I know you can't put that on every card you make, but it is a funny stamp saying! Well, I think so, but then I'm told I'm weird. Finally heard back from the flooring guy, the door guy, the plumber and the handyman. Next week the downstairs shower gets torn out and then new put in, new plumbing for downstairs shower, new closet and interior doors get hung and then linoleum laid and carpets cleaned. Whew! All in one week, next week. Then we're ready for buyers. Thank god. I'm sick of getting ready. I just want to sell and then get the moving out of the way. We have so much junk. We've lived here for 18 years and we've accumulated our fair share of unnecessary items. Attention: Garage Sale is Saturday, June 24 from 8am-3pm. I mailed out my swap for My Creative Space today. The swap was to take a picture of how you've organized your creative space, so I took my picture in front of the rubber stamp wall that Dad made. First pic is the 6x6 page. Second pic is showing the hidden journaling on the page. The journaling slides out from a sleeve that is behind the picture. I'm not much of a scrapbooker, but I'm trying. I sent another alphabet to Johanna yesterday. My third and final one. It's hard for me to draw that stuff. I'm terrible at drawing. Even doodling is hard. I tend to want to stay in the lines, to draw within certain parameters, so when someone says "just draw anything", I go into panic mode: "What do they really want?" I'm working on playing outside the box. Time for bed. It's waaaay past my bedtime. I'm going to be very, very tired tomorrow, but I couldn't go right to bed when we got home from the Padres game. BTW, Padres beat those Dodgers 9-1. No cream puffs for you.


Auntie Jill said...

LOL on the cream puff saying....It made me chuckle and remember something that I said to my son at the dinner table one evening. My butt was just hitting the chair when he said..."MOM!!!" I snapped back...."There must be a wire between my azz and you mouth, cause everytime I try to sit down your mouth goes off!!"

Anyway, you did a REALLY good job on your swap page. Very clever with the journaling part as well.

I can't wait to see (if I'm allowed) your alphabet sketches!!!!!!

Cat said...

Oh my! I agree with Jill! That cream puff saying . . .I think I might just use that on every card . . . at least every card I send to my sister. :D