Saturday, June 24, 2006

Saturday is one day closer to Monday

Weekends used to be relaxing but these days, they suck. 8am the newest plumber came. This is the 3rd type of plumber we've had to call for that stupid shower downstairs. The 1st one was a handyman who told me he could install it, no problem. Then he says he can't do the shower valve stuff or the new pea-trap in the shower pan cuz his license doesn't cover that. I can appreciate that, so I called plumber #2 which we had called before when we had a leak in the upstairs bathroom. He could do the shower valve work, but didn't do work on the pea-trap drain thingy. I got so frustrated with the whole damn thing I passed it over to John. He called plumber #1 who told him what was going on. Then he called #2 and got the low-down. #2 referred us to #3 who came all the way from Hemet to do the work. Finally, it's all ready for #1 to come back now and put in the rest of the shower stall and door. This was supposed to be a fairly quick and easy job and it's turned into a $1800 job. At least it will be complete on Tuesday. New flooring gets put in on Monday, carpets cleaned on Monday and then after Tuesday, we are ready to list the house. Thank god cuz I'm sick of painting and getting stuff ready. I'm just a perfectionist so I create my own hell, I know..... On a creative note.... I finished up a justjohanna project I was working on and when I went to distress it, the ink I had bought at the scrapbook expo just vomited on my card, so I had to do a new one right quick. I ended up making a tall card with the birthday stack. You'll have to check out my gallery to see it because I forgot to scan it. It has lots of Stickles on it, so Johanna said she'd work on finding a good way to photograph it. So I also went to Cat's. I dropped off my monthly submissions for justjohanna stuff. Also turned in my creative bag project for her July challenge. I took in my sample for the class I'm teaching on July 26th. It's a fun little board book in a beachy theme. When I arrived at Cat's, Auntie Jill was there. She told me she signed up for the class and signed up her friend from Texas, too! Woo hoo! Two people so far. That will be fun. Jill is fun. Went to the Padres game tonight. At first I was bored. The Seattle Mariners were kicking our butts. I felt like getting up and walking around, but then it started getting good again. We scored a bunch of runs by home runs, but ended up losing the game anyways. We left 3 men on base in the bottom of the 9th! Grrrrrr! That's it for now. See you all manana!

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Michelle said...

Hi, you are livin' the life. All your crafty endeavors and being able to pop into Cat's and see all those fabulous ladies! AND you're teaching a class there? Best of luck with that and hope it's a hoot! AND you go to baseball games? You are SO cool!!!!