Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Hump Day with berries

No, this has nothing to do with whales or sex, it's just the middle of the week. Today the door guys came and installed the closet doors and interior doors we ordered. They look fantastic. Now we have to take down the newly installed interior doors and paint them and then re-hang them. This is craziness. After this move, I will NEVER MOVE AGAIN! I couldn't even be crafty while they were doing that because they were in the room I would've been crafting in, so I went outside in our gorgeous 82 degrees and pruned the boysenberry bushes. Well I think they are boysenberries. I used to think they were blackberries, but now I think they are boysenberries. Do you know the difference? I heard that boysenberries are a hybrid of blackberries, raspberries and loganberries. How do you know if you have a boysenberry bush or a blackberry bush? The berry looks the same!! I sure would like to know the answer to that question. The berries are just bursting off the bush. Yummy! I got this great idea for a card today, but can't craft it yet. I'm thinking that the jj gift stack needs to be balanced on someone's/something's head. I know! A bir-duh! I have some bir-duhs! That will be the first thing I do once I find my workspace again. Don'tcha love the pic for today? I have it as a decal, but I'm too chicken to put it on my car, so it sits on my bulletin board. :)

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Claudette said...

Calvin is just awesome, have several books of him with

Oh gosh...thanks for the kind words, I also admire your work, glad we are part of a the same team.