Saturday, June 17, 2006

Crafty Saturday

Today was the day of the big book making in Rancho Santa Fe. Debbie B. had her group get together at the Golf Course in RSF. It was a fab day of crafting and meeting new people. We made an 8x8 SEI book using the new BG paper, Urban Couture. ooh la la! I posted a few of the layouts we made. After the class was over, I ran by the Cupboard and showed the book to Cat. She drooled all over it. She loves the Urban Couture paper, but did she really have to dribble on it? We chatted about classes, I bought paper (big surprise) and then went home. I'm just about to get down to some serious creating. I do my best work late at night.


Cat said...

Oh Deb . . .I ordered that Urban Couture collection . . .told I was gonna do it!

justjohanna said...

i love this paper too!!! i haven't used any of it yet, of course, but i do really love it.

Debbie said...

I took the pictures off because it was throwing off my stuff on the right side of the screen and making me nutsy.