Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Up and down and then back Up again

Today started out just fine. I had the carpet guy scheduled to come, the handyman and the appliance repair guy all scheduled today. That's the up part. Then the carpet guy calls and says he can't make it. (I won't go into details.) I'm so frustrated with people cancelling appointments and whatnot. I started thinking about Dad and as a handyman, he NEVER would've committed to doing a job he couldn't finish or didn't know how to do. I've got people that agree to do a job and then say they can't do all parts of it. So anyhow, I start thinking about Dad and I start to miss him soooo much. I wanted him here so I could tell him what was going on, could he help me out with this and that, could he be there to check on the guys, etc., but Dad's not here. Won't ever be again. Crying spell lasted a long time but it felt good to cry. That's the down part. For the UP part again... I decided to stay home from the ballgame tonight because I was just tuckered out. My back was aching so bad and I was just tired from all the stress. John went by himself. I stayed home and crafted. I finally got to get to my craft table and do something crafty! I didn't realize how good I feel when I'm crafting. I got 2 swaps done. I'm slowly getting them done and I am not signing up for more right now. Yay for me! I think I've got a really cool non-card item to submit for my justjohanna stuff for July. I can't wait to try it. No matter how much you bug me, I won't tell what it is. Not even if you taunt me with glitter or rhinestones or even PAPER, will I tell, so don't even try! Oh, and I picked more blackberries today. :)