Thursday, June 08, 2006

Ok, so I didn't make any jj cards today. I had some swaps I had to catch up on. I did the map card and used an old map of Berlin I got at the thrift store for 25 cents. I did the frog card and colored with Prismacolor pencils. I did the baseball card using an old b&w photo of black baseball players. I colored some of the areas with the Prismacolor pencils. Yes, I love using those pencils! I use them whenever I can. I just love to color. I wasn't feeling very creative tonight. Just went through the motions. I guess I'm allowed to have those kind of days once in awhile, right? Ok, so I get this email from Cat. She is such an enabler! She guided me to this website, I signed up for the 6x6 kit of the month. It looks awesome. Cat says she's been getting it for some time now. From the jj blog, looks like Johanna has had some experience with selfaddressed as well. Now, you're going there, aren't you? Writing that url down, I see. Hmmm, just let us know what you buy! :) I am tired of my back hurting all the time now. It hurts from the time I get up til the time I go to bed. Tired of taking that flexeril that makes me so darn sleepy. Can't work while taking that stuff. Argh!!!! Gotta go to the Chiropractor and get a massage for sure.