Thursday, June 15, 2006

Fabulous Thursday

Work was yukky. I worked on some PITA projects today. Took me all day and what a pain they were! I did make some progress on the pile on my desk, at least. I have to get a copy of this month's Rubber Stamp Madness. Johanna posted the calls in that mag and I want to have it for my very own. I must say I don't subscribe to any rubber stamp magazine - yet. Any suggestions on which one(s) are the best? It's so hard to decide. When I thumb through them, seems like way more ads than techniques, cards, etc. Which ones do you subscribe to? I do get Vamp Stamp News and I LOVE that. I'm about to go and craft a little. It's been a heck of a week and I need to craft. I have some ideas for the jj stamps. Hint: I'm working on something to do with shrink plastic! Tomorrow is the Scrapbook Expo in San Diego at the Convention Center. I am going to take my jj tote bag to carry my stuff. I don't think it's really big enough, but hey, the advertising opportunity shouldn't be missed! I can always make more trips to the car if the bag gets full, right? :) I've committed myself to doing a class at the Cupboard on July 26th. I think it will be some type of fun book using jj stamps. I just have to decide what type of book. I'm hoping to be inspired at the Expo. Also, the opportunity arose to do a class up in Temecula. That would be fun. I love teaching. No more typing. Gotta go make some shrinky dinks!


justjohanna said...

love your commitment! hope you didn't have to make too many trips to the car! it's your bag - feel free to cut it apart and alter it into something bigger.

so, how was the expo?

Debbie said...

Oh no! It wasn't my jj bag. I was gonna take that bag, but I realized it was too small to take in the first place, so I took my bigger bag. I would've had to make 4-5 trips to the car with the jj bag. I was a reeeeeeaaalllly bad girl. :)

Anonymous said...

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