Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Animal crackers

I feel like I need to put a picture in today. Lemme find a good one. That's a cute little meerkat at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. I love those little guys. I've been to the WAP so many times, I just can't take too many pictures anymore, so I've decided unless it's a new baby, that I will only take pictures of animal's butts. Here's one I like: I think it would be cool to have some scrapbook pages with just animal butts. Hey, we all take pics of their faces, but how many people take their butt views? See? I thought so! Not a bad day altogether. Even though we had to re-purchase the flooring. When Home Depot cut it, it was cut too short, so we just bought new stuff today. It will be installed tomorrow. Or so I've been promised. I really do hope it gets done tomorrow so I can get back into the craft room and start stamping again. I'm going through withdrawal. I think I'll go downstairs and read my new magazine from PaperCrafts. It's one about scrapbooking. Oh, and I'll do more reading of my new Vamp Stamp News. The new edition is all about watercolors! How cool is that?! See ya!


justjohanna said...

I'm laughing about the animal butts. How funny! My husband just joined the park for us this week, so I think we'll be spending some time there this summer if we can stand the heat.

Cat said...

Oh you are too funny! I'm a-snickerin' away here . . .animal butts . . .classic!

Anonymous said...

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