Sunday, December 02, 2007

Printers are a pain in the butt!

I have had this HP 950 All-in-One printer for years. It has been my second best friend. Until now. Why do printers stop working? This printer scans like a dream. It makes decent color copies, including photo, but now, NOW! it won't work. Whenever I try to scan or make a copy, it just sits there and the message says, "Warming Up". I even went to the HP website and downloaded the newest drivers. No difference. Grrrr, I hate it when this happens. Fortunately, I got a free Epson All-in-One printer last month when I bought my laptop. I prefer HP printers, but oh well, free is free. Oh, and another thing... I bought an HP black laserjet printer last month and it doesn't work, either. I think it is the printer because I thought I was buying a new one and this one had been repackaged. It didn't even include the installation disk, and my Windows XP wouldn't recognize the printer. I'm just not having very good luck with printers these days. I can only post my cards and art via my digital camera. I guess that's better than nothing, right?


Kim H. said...

Sorry for your printer problems. Have you un-installed the printer and re-installed it? It is worth a try if you haven't. If that doesn't work I would call HP...I have had wonderful luck with them!

I only use my digital camera to put my art on my blog and websites! Am I missing out on something by not scanning them???

Good LUCK!

Julie said...

I HATE HP. HP=VOMIT as far as I am concerned. I was even told by the company that they make great products, but not great software. Jackasses... There will never be another HP product in this house as long as I live. Want me to tell you how I really feel? LOL

Heather Grow said...

Hey, one of my HP printers is on the fritz right now too. We have certainly gotten our money's worth on it (it was free, LOL) but I still hope we can revive it.

Tami said...

We recently got a new scanner, printer thing. I have no idea how to sad. I love using the digital camera because I know how. I'm such a low tech hick. I just got caller id today...LOL