Monday, December 17, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mikey

Saturday was my brother-in-law, Mikey's, birthday. Ok, so he really isn't my brother-in-law, but he is related somehow. I think. Here's how it works. Try to follow along... This is the short version. Trust me.

Pam and I have been friends since 6th grade. I got married (the first time) in 1978. I married Steve. She was in my wedding. She got married (the first time) in 1978. She married David and I was in her wedding. I was a bridesmaid and John was an usher. We walked down the aisle together. John is David's brother. I got divorced 8 years later. Pam and David introduced me to John. John and I get married two years later. Now Pam and I are sisters-in-law. With me so far?

A few years after John and I got married, Pam and David split. Years later, I start working at the same place as Mikey. After a few years, he splits from his wife. Soon after that, I introduce Pam to Mikey. A short time later, they marry. So, Pam is no longer my sister-in-law but her twins are still my nephews because they are David's, too. So I consider her my sister-in-law, but more than that she is my sister.

I always tease Mikey that he is part of the family whether he likes it or not. And that is why I make him birthday cards. Whether he likes it or not.

P.S. I got this image from Jennifer and I am not ashamed to say I copied her coloring. A lot. Well, heck, she did such a great job, I just had to! Thanks for the images, Jennifer. BTW, your card is way better than mine.


Kim H. said...

It is s a great card! I love the colors!

Tami Bayer said...

I'd say that you and Jennifer and neck and neck on the coloring. Love them both. Great story about the inlaws and outlaws. I think you and Mikey are definitely related. LOL

'Bella and Gabe said...

Cool beans! Debbie, this is awesome! Paul even took a look and he said, "GREAT card!". Love the story to go with it!

~ Jennifer