Friday, December 07, 2007

Princess for a Day

I was a Princess for a day!

Tomorrow is my birthday and my coworkers surprised me by decorating my cubicle. How fun is that? They decorated it up with pink streamers, white fluffy boas and pink and purple crowns with a "50" in the middle. I even had a tiara what lit up (you can almost see it in all my red hair) and a magic wand. Oh, and I got my favorite kind of birthday cake: white cake with white frosting. YUMMY! I really felt special.

They gave me some really cool gifts, too. I got some beautiful coffee mugs, picture frames, some really pretty kitchen towels and a neato basket that was made out of dried seaweed. If that last thing sounds yucky, it's not. It's gorgeous. The seaweed dried into a leather-like consistency and it is hard. I didn't get a picture of my stuff before I took it all home and put it away. Oh, I also got some very cool flowers. Check them out here:

It is a hand-painted margarita glass. It has peaches on it and then the flowers are put inside the glass. It comes in a neat box that has a recipe for peach margaritas on the bottom. Aren't the flowers gorgeous?

I took the picture next to this year's vacation picture with my sister and brother-in-law. The picture frame and margarita glass just seemed to go together somehow.

Tomorrow is my real birthday and my friends Pam and Judy are taking me up to Temecula to go antique shopping and quilt store shopping. Oh, and we will eat. Yes, we will eat. In the evening, I have plans to either go barhopping in Hillcrest or go see Eek-a-Mouse down at Cane's in San Diego. If it is raining cats and dogs, I'll just stay home and have John rub my feet all night.


Tami said...

Happy Birthday, Debbie! It sounds like you are celebrating in style. You have such thoughtful co-workers to make your day extra special. Have a wonderful time with all the shopping, eating, and drinking. Hillcrest is such a fun area.

Kim H. said...

Happy Birthday Debbie! Oh yeah ritaville here you come...please pick me up on your way! I love rita's! Have a great time tomorrow!

Eleanor said...

Happy Birthday to you!

Heather Grow said...

Happy Birthday, Debbie! It sounds like you had a wonderful day-before-your-birthday.

'Bella and Gabe said...

Happy Birthday Debbie! OOohhh you have such thoughtful co-workers and I love all the pink!

Hope to see you post lots of fun birthday finds when you go antiquing!

Enjoy your day and again, best wishes and Happy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

~ Jennifer

Donna said...

Your co-workers are AWESOME! Thanks to them for making your day so special. Next time I come to visit I would like some Peach Margaritas.

I Love You

Your Sister Donna

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Happy birthday to you!!!!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday Happy Birthday!!! Allof the plans sound fantastic..I am so jealous! Eek a mouse?! Antique shopping?? Hillcrest? Bam bam bam! You've got it made!!!

I hereby decalre a special birthday IOU for you....considering the circumstances, you understand...I am going to think of something good!

Have a GREAT TIME!!!!

The Artful Eye said...

Happy Birthday! Debbie sounds like they treated real nice.

Far North said...

Missed seeing you around so stopped in wish you a very happy day! Sounds like you started out this celebration in grand let the good times roll!
Happy Birthday Debbie!...Jan

Godelieve said...

Hope you had a FABYLOUS birthday Debbie!!

Emilia said...

Wow!! You have a lot going on, Princess. Happy birthday to you!

Hugs from Taiwan

Beth Norman said...

Happy birthday.

Rina said...

Happy Birthday, Debbie!