Thursday, August 16, 2007

I got an award!

Wow, what a surprise and an honor! I've been awarded the Rockin' Girl Blogger Award by my gal pals, Jennifer and Kim. How cool is that? It's so neat that hey thinks my blog rocks. Well, their blogs rocks, too! Now it's up to me to nominate five chicks whose blogs rock. Here we go in no particular order....
  • Julie's blog, The Land of Lost Luggage. If her blog isn't on your feed list, it should be. Her art is eclectic and fun. I love how she mixes all types of mediums and papers. She is inspirational, funny and she is also a great friend. I wonder if she likes being called a chick? Oh geez, I see she's already been nominated. Well, I nominate her again because Julie rocks big time.
  • Pam's blog, Stamping with Serendipity. This gal just knows how to make beautiful cards. She often has an inspirational quote at the end of her posts. I look forward to that. I find Pam to be a positive influence in the cardmaking world.
  • Emilia. Oh, my, you really need to check out Emilia's blog. Emilia is from Taiwan and she makes the most interesting cards. She uses rubber stamps in ways I've never seen and she makes it so much fun to visit her blog. I've just checked some other blog posters, and I see that fun Emilia has already been nominated, but I'm nominating her again because she rocks!
  • If she hasn't been nominated yet, I'd be surprised. Asela's blog definitely rocks. Check it out and check out her coloring. She does awesome art with her Prismas. She does really cool tutorials, too. Oh, and did I mention she designs stamps for a major stamp company? Yes, she rocks.
  • It seems that most of the rockin' girls I'd want to nominate have already been nominated, so my last post will be unconventional. I can't really nominating this blog, but just wanted you to try it. Go check out PsychoKitty. You really must add this blog to your feed list. This blog is written by Max, a very sassy black and white kitty with a ton of attitude. He rocks, but he's a boy, so no award, Max. Sorry. You still rock, though. Stinky Goodness for you and if you want to share with Buddah, that's ok with me.
P.S. All this talk about blog feeds... Check out Julie's post about blog feeds. It's the coolest thing around!


Emilia said...

Wow!! Thank you! Nominated by you means a lot to me! Really! I like your blog and you know that..

PS I've checked out Pam, Asela & Max's blogs too! Cool!

Jennifer said...

Debbie, you blog does ROCK! And I agree with every one of your nominees too. Each of those blogs are on my feed list.

Oh... and I'm so glad you included Psychokitty blog. I'm addicted to that blog. It cracks me up. I sometimes think my kitties have submitted material from their lives!

Julie said...

Thank you! :)