Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Entry for Kim's CJ

These are my pages for Kim's circle journal. I hope by the time she reads this blog entry, she has received her CJ because her CJ is awesome!!

Kim's instructions were to do one side of this 4x4 coaster into an art doll of ourselves and to tell some stuff about us. I'm rather tickled with the art doll I made. The body parts are stamped with a stamp from Grand Adventures. It is called the Spirit Doll stamp. This doll was made with the small spirit doll. I also have the large spirit doll stamp. I think this doll really looks like me. If you know me, don't you agree? Well, ok, maybe my head isn't that HUGE but the rest of my body is pretty accurate.

The flip side of the 4x4 coaster was to be filled up with quips of our simple treasures. I had a hard time getting started, but once I got going, I had to pare down the list. I think we get so used to some daily things in our life that we don't realize they really are treasures. I'm not exactly thrilled with my layout on this side of the coaster, but since I was the last one to make her pages, I didn't want to copy others' layouts. They're all so awesome. It's tough to follow such great crafters. You wanna know who they are? Ok, if they have a blog, here they are: Ethel, Angie, Lisa, Clarissa and Kim. So after I finished up Kim's CJ, I posted a picture of my Mini Me on the SS and now I'm doing a Virtual Swap. A virtual swap is where the people who want to do the project, in this case, make a Mini Me of themselves, the let me know via email or PM and I snail mail them some images. Once they've completed their Mini Me, all they have to do is post it in the gallery on the Stamp Shack. It's just fun to see how each person interprets the project.


Emilia said...

how cute! I love what you wrote about you! very Debbie and very friendly!

Of course, the mini-me is super cute!

Kim- hutchink :) said...

I love this! I can't wait to see it in person! Love the mini-me!

Julie said... this. I love how you put a cupcake in your hand too!

Heather Grow said...

Very cool. Love it!

Tami said...

You make the most adorable doll! I love the's tough to describe oneself, and you did it beautifully. Love this.

Auntie Jill said...

ADORABLE!! It looks just like you! Love the cupcake in your hand. I read something that you wrote, "creative but frustrated." That sounds like I feel so many days.

Maybe it's Julie's blog...LOL! I miss you BOTH!!

Thank you for sharing this!!!!


Godelieve said...

Super cute doll! I have to try this too,... one day.