Sunday, August 05, 2007

Magenta Class #1

Oh my, what a weekend! It started on Friday evening, but I'll do another post about that. For now, here's what happened on Saturday... On Saturday, Cat's Craft Cupboard hosted Nathalie Metivier from Magenta. She came and taught two classes at the Cupboard. I took both classes. Nathalie is a very good teacher - so patient and very funny, too! I loved her stories about all the kitties at Magenta. I can't remember all their names (sorry, Nathalie!) but I remember what they look like, and they are darling! Seems those kitties are a big part of the Magenta family, even the kitty who prefers to perch up on the beams of the warehouse. I thoroughly enjoyed this class with Nathalie. If you ever see her teaching at your LSS, you definitely should sign up! Here are the cards we made in the first class... This first little item is a very cute 2" x 2" little notebook. The template for the notebook is a stamp. The cardboard covers and spine are a kit from Magenta and the directions are very easy to follow. The black swirlys are peel-offs. By Magenta, of course. There are many different themes of the peel-offs. They come in black, silver, gold and copper. Check them out at your local stamp or scrapbook store. This next little notebook was fast and very easy. The cover design is, again, a stamp with the book template. The inside of this notebook had some lovely papers, including some very nice vellum paper. We tied it together with a ribbon, and done! This next one was a bit more involved. Nathalie stamped all the imges ahead of time and that's a good thing, because on this card, we had a lot of coloring to do. This stamp can be used as a card front as shown here, or you can make it into a little book like the little green one above. Nathalie had doe hers like this and put pictures of her kitties in the windows. It was so darn cute! Anyhow, I colored the image (which was stamped in a maroon-colored ink) with Prismacolor pencils. I tried coloring the "Nathalie way", but found myself slipping into my comfortable ways of coloring. After coloring the image and mounting on the front of the card, I added a couple of peel-off's to the corners. I love those peel-offs!! Oh, and I forgot to mention that Nathalie signed my new book, "Magenta Style, Paper Magic". The book is fantastic and now even moreso since she signed it for me!


Kim said...

OMG I am jumping up and down with excitement for you! This looks like it was an awesome class! Love that Nathalie signed your book too! WOW those peel-offs look super cool! I need to move - we never had anyone cool come to my LSS!


Tami said...

woohoo! What a celebrity weekend. Love those adorable little books, and it sounds like a great class.

Heather Grow said...

Wow. An autograph and everything. Sounds like a great experience.

Jennifer said...

Your class sounds like it was fabulous. Oh and how I love the bottom card. The colors are amazing!

Emilia said...

These are soooo pretty!
The class must be great!!

PS peel-off's on the corners are very elegnat!