Sunday, August 12, 2007

Views in Encinitas, CA

I felt like taking some pictures today, so after I visited with Mom for her birthday, I took a walk up to the bluff. The bluff is only about 100 feet from the driveway. Lucky, huh? This first picture is a view looking NW. The weather was so nice and warm and a nice breeze was blowing. There were lots of surfers out, but the waves weren't too big. I saw quite a few surfers at Swami's. This guy was surfing right off where I was standing, at Boneyard. That's "J" Street, for you non-locals. Know why the beach is called Boneyard? Because back in the 70's, it was taken over by nudists. Oh my! I remember days when the Sheriffs used to "patrol" the bluffs. From what? The nudists? Ha! Down the street from Mom's are these houses. Yes, they are houses and people live in them. They are the famous boat houses, built by Miles Kellogg in the 1920's. My family has lived on Third Street since 1962 or something like that, so the boat houses were just something we saw each day when we walked to school. They do stop traffic and they are cool to look at, don't you think?
Next stop is "The Dip". This is further up Third Street, right alongside Moonlight Beach. This is a picture I took looking north down The Dip. The street at the bottom is "B" Street and if you were to turn left onto "B" street, you'd run right into the water. My sister and I used to ride our bikes up and down The Dip. Yeah, that was really fun. We just hoped we didn't wipe out down at the bottom!
That concludes your tour of Encinitas for today.


Tami said...

Thanks for the beach trip...I feel cooler already.

Julie said...

This looks so refreshing.. It didn't get too hot here today, but it was hotter than yesterday. I think they said tomorrow will be the hottest.

Jennifer said...

Loved the travelog trip with you. Great snaps and now I just wish I could be there too.

Kim said...

I so wish I lived by the ocean! It looks so inspirational!


Thanh said...

Can I move in with your mom? ;)