Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Snuggle Cats

Introducing Chubby Butt and Fluffy Pants, also known as Cheeto and Frankie, respectively. In this picture, they seem to be the same size, but Cheeto is about 18 lbs and Frankie weighs only about 7 lbs. Frankie is extremely fluffy!

It's been chilly here at night and so I put the fluffy blanket on the side chair in the living room for the cats. Usually, it's just Gizmo on this chair, but when Cheeto decides it's his, well, it's his. No fighting. They have the hierarchy all figured out.

Cheeto is the big guy on the left and Frankie is our petite little girl. She loves to snuggle with Cheeto, even when he bites her on the neck when she cleans him too much or decides he needs extra snuggle time. These two usually sleep end-t0-end, but tonight they slept like this.

When these two sleep like this, Gizmo usually sleeps on the couch next to me, or if I'm up in he craft room he sleeps on the extra craft chair. If we forget to close the bedroom door at night, we have all three cats on the bed - on my side. It gets pretty crowded with me, John and the three cats on a queen-sized bed.


Jennifer said...

This photo is too cute! Debbie they are such beautiful kitties. I was just thinking about Cheeto and wondering if he has revealed to anyone where his travels and adventures took him last month?

What cute, cute photos. Tango would fit right in with them. Then they'd be the three MOUSEkettiers (or three mousecatchers).

Kim H. said...

Awww that photo is so sweet! About 2 years ago I finally got a KING size bed! I'm in heaven now!

Erin K said...

awwww. I love them. I'm so glad Cheeto is home.

Suzi said...

SOOOO Cute! Cheeto & my Jack look exactly alike!! I love to watch Jack while he's asleep, he looks so innocent. Not like when he's sitting on the table eating my spaghetti.

~missprissme said...

OMG I must have them they are soooo cute. I'm super glad St. Anthony returned Cheeto. Ha! My daughter has a Punky that looks just like Cheeto. I posted pics of him on my blog a while back

Kathi Rerek said...

I love your marmalade tabbies. They're so cute together.