Sunday, March 30, 2008

An Unusual Card

A few weeks ago, Erin posted on the forum on the Stamp Shack about a couple of new stamp companies she bought stamps from. She loved the stamps and thought their customer service was outstanding. Well, being the shopper that I am, I clicked the links for those two sites and I shopped! This card is made from a sheet of rubber I bought on Red Eowyn rubber stamps. This stamp comes from a sheet called, Freaks. And yes, they are freaky stamps, but aren't they cool? I have no idea what this thing is, but I love that it is non-descript and it has a plate of frogs. Do you see the spoon in its hat? I also bought one of their sentiments sheets. The images are deeply cut on the red rubber, and let me repeat what Erin said, their customer service is outstanding! I received my stamps in 3 days. Yes, 3 days! The sentiment isn't from Red Eowyn, it's from Stamp Camp. Ok, on to the details of the card. I know some of you like to know what colors I use, so here is the list:
  • Cool gray 30%
  • Cool gray 70%
  • Dark umber
  • Burnt ochre
  • Salmon pink
  • Peacock blue
  • Peacock green
  • Limepeel (every card I make has limepeel in it)
  • Dahlia purple
  • Carmine red
  • Yellow ochre

I colored all of the clothing with the 30% gray and then layered on the 70% gray and the peacock blue. One thing I can say about coloring is, take your time. Don't be in a hurry to get it to look like what you have in your mind. I started out with the grays in mind, but thought it needed a color to "pop" so I added the peacock blue. Layer, layer, layer. Another thing I do when I color, is to turn the image in different angles when I color. I mean, sometimes I turn it upside-down and color. I think the brain sees a hat as a hat and when you try to color, you color a hat. I turn it upside down, and I see a shape and see the shadows.

By the way the stamps are made, you can tell that they were drawn with a light source in mind. You can see the small shadow marks on the image. Follow those shadow lines and then accentuate them. Extend the shadow out a bit more than it is drawn on the stamp. It'll give a little more depth to the image.

What else do I need to say, but do check out Red Eowyn stamps. Also check out the other stamp sites on their site. Very cool stamps there, too, and if they are anything like Red Eowyn, you'll get great product and customer service.


Kim H. said...

OMG I love this card! I am off to check out Red Eowyn- not that I need anymore stamps- I will just look ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for listing the colors and explaining how you layered them.

Heather Grow said...

You're right. It's unusual. But you do unusual well.

Anonymous said...

Really neat stamps!

Erin K said...

Toldja! LOL

I can't wait to order the Freaks! And I love how you colored this one. :)

Red Eowyn rocks.

Jennifer said...

Debbie, what can I say? You are the master of the pencils and I bow to you, oh great pencil coloring teacher.

These stamps would generally not appeal to me at all but I must admit that seeing what you've created with this one and your wonderful artistic eye for color and design, I really like this card.


Anonymous said...