Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Here's a little-known fact about me: I have always wanted to build and furnish a doll house. I found THIS BLOG today as I was blurfing. I don't know what language it is, but there are lots of pictures. How smart of them to make the dollhouse out of a cabinet? Wow, you don't need to buy a dollhouse kit, just get an old cabinet or bookshelf and divide it up. I don't know how to make furniture and stuff, but it would be fun to learn as you go along. I would have fun decorating the rooms, too. This post has nothing to do with the movie, Welcome to the Dollhouse. Have you seen that movie? My son has that movie and when he was at home I would watch it every so often. It is funny and disturbing at the same time. It's one of those cult-like films. You know the kind. It's like a hangnail that you just can't leave alone. Another movie like this is, Ghost World. Yes, folks, these movies are weird, but you gotta put them on your list of movies to watch. Watch them while you build your dollhouse.


Heather Grow said...

You are going to be so jealous. My dad built me a dollhouse when I was little. I still have it. I remodled it a couple years ago.

Godelieve said...

Great find Debbie! I think this blogger lives in Finland. I looked in the profile and googled :)
I recognized the photo in the header as something "Scandinavian", they have a certain style, which I really like.
I don't understand the language :(

Philippa said...

Hey Debbie, you've been tagged ;)

Jenny Vee said...

i luuuurved dollhouses when i was a kid. had one for years that my dad made out of boxes (and let me stress he was not the handiest of guys, but what did i know?). i made tons of stuff for it, including teeny-weeny sewing needles made by breaking off pin tips and gluing thread to them, cookie dough from playdoh mixed with cornmeal, a greenhouse, and a stable (i always wanted a horse).

eventually got the full-on victorian kit which i built and was getting ready to wire and plumb (seriously) when puberty hit and i lost all interest. fortunately, my mom saved some stuff and i have it waiting for my girls.

oh, i also used to make dollhouses out of the cardboard that came in my dad's dry cleaned shirts, with all the furnishings made from paper and colored pencils or markers. my mom said if you sneezed or walked by them too fast, it all fluttered away.