Tuesday, July 17, 2007

New banner

I made a new banner today. It's from a picture we took at Stonehenge in England in 2004. We got a special insider's tour of the henge. We showed up at 7am and got to go INSIDE the henge - before anyone else entered the area for the day. It was awesome. John and I had never been to England before and to be able to go to Stonehenge was like icing on the cake. We got to touch the stones and walk around them. Awesome! If you don't pay the extra for the insider's tour, the closest you can get is on the sidewalk that goes around the perimeter. I have more pictures of inside the henge, but this picture is one of my favorites. What a great trip this was.


Julie said...

Impressive picture! Reminds me of Spinal Tap :)

Emilia said...

Great picture! I think I will be very stunned if I were there!
This trip worth a lot!!

running on ink said...

WOW what a beautiful picture!


Jennifer said...

Awesome photo! How wonderful your trip sounds. Next time, take me with you. OK?