Friday, July 27, 2007

Good, Bad, Good, Bad, Good, Bad

That is how my day went today. Good then bad, then good again, oh an then baaaad (very bad), then GOOD now bad. Sigh.
Got up early enough to get to the dentist on time and get my teeth cleaned. That's good. Then I got a headache. A migraine. Again, but I ignored it (badder). Then I over to Cat's, but before I got there, I stopped at the Blue Mug (coffeehouse) and bought a latte and a scone. Spilled the latte all over the shifter console in my car. Bad. Cat and I chatted awhile about my new stamps that I'm going to make and then I bought some stuff. That's good. Aren't those skull stamps the coolest?! And how about the sentiment and the bat? Oh it's all good!
Then when I got home from Cat's, the migraine got worse. Waaaay worse. Bad. I took a pill and took a nap for a couple of hours. Woke up, still had migraine, took another pill. Then comes the next good part: Lori and David (SIL & BIL) came over for dinner and we talked and then we played Wii and then had pie. Yum. That's GOOD. They went home a short time ago, and now the migraine is back. Bad. I can't wait for this day to be over.


Emilia said...

oh... ups and downs...
But you seem to have a lot more good things going and the migraine will go away anyway!


Julie said...

Ohh...I love those horizontal flourishy halloweenie stamps!

running on ink said... sorry that you have a bad bad bad headache...hope you are feeling better soon. I'm so in love with the skull stamps that you got!


Tami said...

I hope your headache is a distant miemory by now. Those Halloween stamps are amazing, especially the flourishes and those skulls. Can't wait to see some cards with them.

Thanh said...

me wants some Inky Antics images Debbie! if you ever get a chance/remember when you are working on a project using them - stamp me a few extra and I will send you something back kindly in return. pls and ty. :) I am also still waiting for you to make something great out of those Halloween ones.