Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Here's What Makes Me MAD

I am a pretty fast typist. I cannot stand this new keyboar. Itcan't keep u with my spacing or typing. This post will reflect the fct that it skips letters, spaces and just about everyhing else. I always have to keep backspacing and it slows m downimmensely. Ijsut thought you'd want to see what I have to put u with on a daily basis. I can't decide if I need a new keyoard o just need to type slower. Ok wel I tried to typ slower and itstill skips. Damn.


Tami said...

well I'm glad it'snm not just me....LOL!

shuggy said...

my laptop keyboard is like this!! i can totally relate!!!

Julie said...

I can too.....I refunded the last keyboard and got another one...much better!