Wednesday, April 04, 2007


A little known fact about me.... I love Peeps! I have stuffed Peeps, pictures of Peeps and even a Peeps charm for my Italian charm bracelet. I would love to tour the Peeps factory (JustBorn factory) in Bethlehem, PA when I visit in July. My sister only lives about 15 minutes from the Peeps factory. She is so lucky!!! Look what my sister sent me today. They are Peeps bubble blowers. You pour the bubbles in the little blue dish and then dip in the yellow nozzle-looking thing and then you SQUEEZE THE PEEP! How freakin' cute is that?! Thank you, Donna, for the squeezy bubble Peeps! I love them! Here is a picture of the stuffed Peeps my niece, Dana, sent me a couple of years ago. I display these every year around Easter time. Aren't they just the cutest? They come in these cute boxes, just like those sugary treats. And here is a GIANT PEEP Dana gave me last September when we visited PA. A big PURPLE one! Purple is my favorite color, too. She also gave me the pretty turquoise one. From left to right is John, me, Dana and Adrian. What is Dana holding, you ask? Well, it's Skippyjon Jones! He is a crazy little chihuahua dog. Dana sent me a couple of storybooks about Skippyjon. He is one wild puppy! I couldn't end this post without telling you some facts about Peeps.
  1. Over 70 million Peeps chicks lined up beak-to-tail are needed to reach from NYC to LA.
  2. Peeps have become gourmet favorites as fondues, creme brulee ingredients and cappuccino toppings.
  3. In the 1950's, it took 27 hours to make just one Peeps chick. Today it takes 6 minutes.
  4. It would take over 172 million Peeps bunnies to circle the moon.
  5. Peeps chicks and bunnies come in 5 colors. Yellow chicks are the most popular, followed by pink, lavender, blue and white.
  6. There are over 200 unofficial Peeps websites.

So now you know. Oh, get this. My online friend, KH, made a sports stadium made with Peeps as the people! It is really cool.


justjohanna said...

peeps come in red too - special color just sold at target. i love the hot chocolate topping idea! maybe i won't return those 30 packages after all.

Mary said...

You're so crazy! But I still love ya anyway. hahaha Enjoy those peeps! They give me too much of a sugar high.


Julie said...

That johanna speaks the truth. I saw them too....although I could have sworn they were orange...

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you like the bubble blowers! I saw them and thought of you.

Love Ya

hutch ink designs... said...

You crack me up! The only way that I like peeps is if you leave them out of the package over night so they are a little hard!

So you stock up this time of year??? I do with my candy canes!


Thanh said...

Oh my word... plush peeps!!! That is wicked. lol