Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Arrrrg, it's a Pirate Halloween!

Ok, so I guess it's ok to blog this card since I posted the other one. I decided to send this Pirate Halloween card in to Rubber Stamp Madness as well as the Honesdale is Haunted card below. Why not? They can always say, "thank you very much, but here are your cards back". No big deal. I mean it IS a big deal to be published, but I'm ok if I don't get published. It's my first time sending something in.
This card is done with justjohanna rubber stamps. I love this pirate ship and the pirate chicklet and the egg and crossbones on PeeWee's hat and oh, everything. I cut out the waves on Prisma paper and then adhered it to the front of the card using foam tape after positioning the ship behind the waves where I wanted them.
I stamped the ship onto tan cardstock, colored it with prismacolor pencils, and cut out the ship body (or is it a hull?) and the sails. Then I stamped the ship again on the background paper and glued on the cut-out ship parts. I did this so that I wouldn't have to cut out all the finer parts of the ship.
I used my stamp positioner to place the pirate chicklet on the gang plank. Is that what that is, Johanna? It's a chicklet gang plank. I paper pieced all the birds and swords and hats. I love doing that. It's so much fun to cut out those teeny tiny pieces. Yeah, right.
I express mailed the two cards up to RubberStampMadness today. Cross yer fingers, matey!


Julie said...

ARGH, Matey! This is great!!!

Tami said...

Fantastic! I love the whole pirate theme with that adorable little chick. Of course you will be published...your work is awesome. Love the tip about stamping the ship on the background to avoid cutting out the details.

Jennifer said...

Well shiver me timbers if this doesn't get published! Keep me posted so I know when to run out and buy the mag!

Dave said...

What a great blog. I've never come across rubberstamping before...looks like a lot of fun!

dawn said...

I love love love the waves they look so cool. I also love all the images. Just johanna must be a gotta have..dawn

Godelieve said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for this one too! It's great!