Thursday, April 26, 2007

Oh, what the hell!

So I know you've noticed I haven't posted in over a week. That's because my cards suck this week. I can't seem to get anything to make sense on paper right now, and I have a freakin' deadline! I really have been trying to make things all month, but nothing is worth a crap. Take these cards for instance.
This first one, I call Chanel. I call it Chanel because that's the name of the whale, not because it smells good. This card stinks! I just got this very cool paper at the Cupboard and wanted to use it, so I thought Chanel would look cute on it. Wrong. Chanel needs to go be lovey dovey somewhere else. There's just not a thing right with this card. Tell me something right with the card....?
Take a deep breath, Debbie. It's not that bad. OMG the voices in my head! They are taking over the blogging again! Get back, back in the box, you naughty voices!!

Ahem! Moving on to Hooters. That's the name of this card. It's Big Al on the tree branch and Little Al on the swing. I pieced them onto the card just like the tree. They both have gold glitter eyes. That's the good thing about this card. I drew in the swing for Little Al. All images colored with Prismacolor pencils, including the grass. After all was done, I used my pastels to color the sky and fill in the grass. I'm not thrilled with this card, either.

BTW, I went to my first accupuncture appointment tonight. Loved it! What an interesting experience.


justjohanna said...

i LOVE the als with the swing. can i make the swing into a stamp???

i think the whales in the scallop ovals is clever & i like the blue and the double ovals... but maybe something more watery in the background?

Julie said...

She beat me to it...that swing is fantastic! I enjoy the flourish out of the blow hole (ahaa..she said blow hole)equally as much!

failed the first word verification....

Tami said...

Hooters....hahaha! Love that one-everything about it is fantastic. Chanel and her love are disconnected in their ovals. Maybe they need something to connect them together is all I can come up with. Or maybe they should be disconnected, what the heck do I know?

Godelieve said...

The swing card is AWESOME!

Loobylou said...

I love the owls. I used to collect owls- well i guess I still do, but with much less passion! The way you paperpieced the tree is awesome.