Saturday, April 07, 2007

Here are those mice again!

I love House Mouse. Have I told you that before? These guys are so darn cute. I can't tell a Mudpie from a Whosie-whatsis, so I don't name the mice. I know they have names, but I guess I don't really care what their names are.
Colored with my Prismas, of course. I colored and then put Crystal Lacquer on the ice cube and the drip from the ice cube. I forget who makes this paper, but it rocks! I love the bright colors. When did paisley become popular again? Who decides what is popular?
You may have noticed these last three cards were photographed instead of scanned. No, I am not staging my cards, not trying to keep up with Kubby. It's just that when you color with pencils, the scanner washes the color out so badly, it looks like a second grader colored it. Photos are much better. Who knows? I may do all my cards like this. I kinda like it. I photograph it on my craft desk under an Ott light. Incandescent lights are no good for photographing cards.


Godelieve said...

Great coloring once again Debbie!
About taking pictures of your cards: they are fabulous! I have the same problem with scanning "Ecoline" cards, the colors are just horrible when I scan them. That's why I started taking pictures. But it takes as much time as the cardmaking itselve sometimes.

hutch ink designs... said...

WOW Debbie, Your coloring alway amazes me! I love those darn mice! Your cards are always wonderful!


Thanh said...

me want ott light!!! thats on my wish list. And another striking card, stop it debbie! youre making me look bad :P

Wendy - Anntaurus said...

This is a stunning piece - amazing!

loobylou said...

Woohoo. Thanks for sending me this card Debbie,The texture of the clear varnish on the icecube is beautiful . I love the bright papers. Can you tell me eho makes them?