Sunday, April 29, 2007

I'll be back later with some special photos. John and I are about to leave to go to the baseball game up in Lake Elsinore. The Lake Elsinore Storm is playing Stockton. I don't know their team name. The Storm is a class A baseball team and a farm team for the San Diego Padres baseball club. I just love the logo for the Storm, don't you? Apparently, today is theme day at the ballpark: Lost vs. Gilligan's Island, whatever that means. Sounds fun, though. See you later, alligators!
* * * U P D A T E * * *
Ok, the theme was NOT the Lost vs. Gilligan's Island. Apparently that is another day. Today was kids' baseball day. All the little demons, er, I mean, children came with their teams and ran around the bases and paraded on the field, etc. All I know is there were a ton of kids there. John and I had great seats - Row D right beside home plate. Seats were good for watching the game, but it was hotter than hell there today. I had to take a break from the sun a couple of times. Next time we go, we will sit on the 3rd base side and up further in the stadium. There is shade there earlier in the game. That park is pretty small, so really there are no bad seats. The score was Storm 18, Ports 8, and the game took 4 hours! That's baseball for ya. Oh, John got a new cap with the Storm logo on it, a baseball for his collection and I got a logo pin for my sexy visor.


Julie said...

Rad! Did you guys dress up as the Professor and Ginger??

Tami said...

sexy visor....this I have to see! LOL