Sunday, December 10, 2006

My birthday

I had a great birthday. I received many congrats from the justjhanna design team as well as members of the Stamp Shack (fellow Shackies) and from the PCMB ladies. Thank you all for your lovely cards. On Friday, my actual birthday, John and I went out to dinner with my Mom, my sister and her husband. We went to the La Playa Cantina and Grill in Restaurant Row in San Marcos for dinner. Yummy! On Saturday, I planned my own outing. We went to Lips in San Diego. If you don't know about Lips, it is a fun drag queen dinner show. They are so talented and they look so freakin' good in their dresses! Here are a few pictures from the show. My son, Anthony is in the first picture. He's the second one from the right (tan shirt). I thoroughly enjoyed myself, even though I got sick, but more on that in the next blog.

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Godelieve said...

Looks like you had a fantastic birthday Debbie!
The boa and crown are perfect for a star like you :)