Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I love to color

Here's a card I made the other day when Donna was over and we were crafting. I was showing her how to color with the Prismacolor pencils and the using the gamsol to soften the color. This looks like watercolors instead of pencils.
I could color all day and all night using my Prismas. Man, I love those pencils! I should be a commercial for them. I should call them up. "Hello, Prismacolor pencil company? Yes, I love your pencils so much that I should be your official spokesperson. Yes, I'm serious. I could to your tv commercials. Oh, you don't do tv commercials? Well, you SHOULD! Ok, then, how about a podcast? Popup window? You say I'm obsessed? You're calling who? Oh, ok, I'll go now. I'm hanging up. Bye."

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