Monday, December 25, 2006

I'm LOST in coloring today

So yeah, I sat on my butt today, but it was time well spent, I think. I got the 2nd season of LOST for Christmas and since its been ages since I watched season 1, I started to watch that today. I've gotten through 3 DVD' so far.

So, while watching Lost, I colored. Jennifer inspired me to dig out my Terry Medaris stamps since she did such a FANTASTIC job coloring her new images. I did the cowgirl bookmark for a friend for Christmas. I love orange and purple together and she loves red. She has twin boys and when they were little they had red cowboy boots that they wore EVERYWHERE and with EVERYTHING. It was hilarious. So, back to the bookmark... I colored this for her since she reads so much. I think she took the advanced Evelyn Woodhead speed reading course cuz she reads fast! So, Pam, this is for YOU!

The door stamp is another thing. I just wanted to color something besides a person. I pretty much copied Terry's color scheme for this door scene. It helps me to do that so I get an idea of how I want to color it again using my own colors.

Done coloring and done watching Lost for the day. Hope your Christmas day was just as fun.


Godelieve said...

Debbie, your coloring is soooooooo gorgeous!! I would love to see step by step pictures one day....

Anonymous said...

I second Godelieve's request.

KH said...

Oops! I'm really not "anonymous". Accidently hit enter too soon.

I second Godelieve's request. Your coloring is just AMAZING! Last January, I went to Arizona and, of course, visited stamp stores. I came across some Terry Medaris samples at a store. I was mesmerized to say the least. I couldn't believe that someone could color an image to look so spectacular. And, now I see your work. I've learned on Two Peas that you've actually taken one of his classes. WOW!

Being from the midwest, well that's just about impossible for me...but someday, I will. If there are any hints at all that you can share...I know I'd be forever grateful. The only thing I've learned (from one of the stamp store owners) was that he colors in little loops. That helps blend the two colors together.

Anyway...enough of my begging and gobblety-gook. I so very much appreciate you sharing these images. They are absolutely stunning. I'm thinking Terry Medaris would be quite proud of his pupil!